Melitron 2022


by Melitron

Melitron is a designer, manufacturer, and contract manufacturing services provider of a fully customizable line of digital drive-thru menu boards and outdoor digital signage and kiosk solutions.

Fully branded digital signage, kiosks, and more

Melitron provides indoor and outdoor hardware solutions to complement Raydiant's CMS platform for digital menu boards. With fully customizable drive-thru digital menu boards, digital signage, and kiosks, Melitron can help you create a physical space with all the right branding. Build a fully branded customer experience to reinforce brand identity and awareness.

World-class quality and compliance

Melitron has over 7,000 digital menu boards deployed across North America and is committed to providing customers with defect‑free products that conform to their specifications and are in compliance with external regulatory agencies such as UL and CSA.

Convenient end-to-end services

Melitron offers end-to-end services including civil work permits, installation, and commissioning. Use Melitron and Raydiant to make digital storytelling a breeze.