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by MapsPeople

MapsPeople, the leading provider of indoor maps, has integrated its MapsIndoors app with Raydiant’s wayfinding kiosks and digital signage. Now, employees and guests can use the MapsIndoors app to easily navigate their way through offices, university campuses, malls and more. With MapsIndoors, visitors are equipped with seamless outdoor-to-indoor navigation. This means that users can be guided directly from their front step at home all the way to a specific point of interest inside your facility, eg. an aisle in your store or a classroom inside a specific building on your campus.

Conveniently create and display your indoor map with MapsIndoor

MapsPeople’s MapsIndoors allows customers to quickly and conveniently find their way around various buildings and indoor spaces. With MapsIndoors enabled on Raydiant’s interactive kiosks and wayfinding digital signage, customers will be able to view detailed indoor maps and easily access wayfinding resources at their own convenience.

Create an all-encompassing guest experience

Provide your guests with all the tools they need to have a memorable experience, beyond indoor maps. With the ability to find nearby amenities such as restaurants, public transportation, stores, and more, guests can plan out their next excursion in advance and make sure they are headed in the right direction.

How we integrate

MapsPeople is available as part of our in-location experience marketplace and is accessible from the Raydiant dashboard. Simply connect your MapsPeople account within our app marketplace with your project key and kiosk ID. Customize the viewing options on the Raydiant dashboard and display floor plans to help customers get to where they need to go.