by Leyline

Leyline is a queue management system that allows businesses to organize the queuing of their customers. Customers can claim their place in the queue by scanning an on-screen QR code. The order of the queues is displayed on Raydiant digital signage so that customers are aware of their place in line and are notified when their turn has arrived. With Leyline and Raydiant, manage your queues, allow customers to track their place in line, and gain insights from queuing analytics.

Leyline monitors and manages customer traffic

Improve the customer experience by streamlining your in-location queues through Leyline’s customer queue management system. Whatever the industry — whether restaurant, financial services, or healthcare — ensure customers have visibility into their place in the queue. Eliminate crowded waiting areas with a clear visual display of who’s next in line, rather than relying on employees to call for customers who may not be paying attention. Monitor on-site traffic in real time to anticipate or respond to customer needs. 

Gain insights by using Leyline to view customer and queue statistics

Collect and analyze queue data over time to better understand customer behavior. Predict high customer traffic to adjust staffing availability accordingly and keep wait times at a minimum. Experiment with promotions or marketing campaigns and see what brings customers in. Track queue efficiency and optimize employee distribution based on real-time occupancy tracking. Take the guesswork out of decision-making by leveraging valuable data. 

Queue management system with easy installation and in-location marketing

With Raydiant’s plug-and-play digital signage, get started in a matter of minutes. Add the Leyline app to your Raydiant dashboard to instantly begin managing your queues. Dedicate one screen to Leyline and another to a rotating playlist of promotional, educational, or entertaining content to keep guests engaged. Alternatively, keep everything on one screen with Raydiant’s Multizone feature — the solutions are versatile. Showcase relevant content alongside your Leyline display to improve customer engagement and the overall in-person experience. 

How we integrate

Leyline is available as part of our In-Location Experience Marketplace and is accessible from the Raydiant dashboard. This integration creates an improved in-person experience, where customers are always aware of their place in the queue and business owners can manage in-store traffic. Along with this integration, Raydiant customers have access to the entire Raydiant ecosystem, which includes custom background music, video streaming content, social walls, occupancy tracking, AR technology, and more.