by Kegtron

Kegtron provides an automated, low-cost solution for monitoring kegs of craft beer. Kegtron allows breweries and distributors to track their inventory in real-time, giving them visibility into how much beer is in each keg at all times. This data can be connected to your Raydiant screens to inform employees when a keg needs to be replaced. Kegtron and Raydiant make it easier to manage operations, save time, and serve delicious beer.

Kegtron streamlines taproom operations 

Kegtron allows breweries to have complete visibility into their kegs at all times so that they can quickly identify when a keg is empty or close to empty. It also means they know exactly how much beer is in each keg and can monitor stock levels without wasting time counting individual kegs. Display this information on Raydiant’s digital signage for automatic availability monitoring so employees always know what’s on tap.

Gain insights to drive profits

Track essential information on sales performance. Brewers and distributors can use Kegtron data to see what types of beers are selling well and which ones may need marketing support or pricing adjustments. They can then make informed decisions to optimize the ROI on their offerings. With real-time insights into products' success, maximize profits while simultaneously catering to customer preferences.  

Digital signage management and employee engagement

Add Kegtron alongside your Raydiant dashboard to instantly offer automated digital signage management and data insights. Dedicate one screen to Kegtron and another to a rotating playlist of educational or motivating content to keep employees engaged. Showcase relevant content alongside your Kegtron display to improve employee engagement and the overall in-person experience. 

How we integrate

Kegtron is available as part of our In-Location Experience Marketplace and is accessible from the Raydiant dashboard. This integration creates an improved in-person experience, where customers and employees are more engaged. Along with this integration, Raydiant customers have access to the entire Raydiant ecosystem, which includes custom background music, video streaming content, social walls, occupancy tracking, AR technology, and more.