by hubspot

Harness the power of HubSpot data—right from the Raydiant dashboard! Our HubSpot integration makes it possible to pull all your key metrics into the Raydiant universe, using them for your Hoopla by Raydiant competitions. Together, HubSpot and Hoopla create smart competitions fueled by real sales and performance data—and real results.

Sync your sales, marketing, and customer data

Imagine having an arsenal of data always at your fingertips. Our HubSpot integration makes this possible, easily syncing so that you can access and manage everything—sales, marketing, and customer data and insights—from the Raydiant dashboard. Use it to create continuity between your digital and in-store marketing efforts (digital signage), and use your performance data to create custom workplace competitions that grow your business (but more on this next).

Create data-driven workplace competitions

Your business goals and employee KPIs are only effective if they are actionable. Hoopla by Raydiant takes these goals and turns them into workplace competitions that move your business and team forward. And now you can use your HubSpot data, including sales and performance activity for employees and teams, to create meaningful competitions with goals informed by hard data. Employees can track their progress on Hoopla’s live leaderboards powered by Raydiant screens. Wins are all the more special with Hoopla’s built-in celebration tools.

Get it all in one centralized interface

Want to track your sales and employee performance? Create on-brand content and tailored ad campaigns? Track customer insights and data in real time? Get all of this HubSpot functionality, now available right from your Raydiant interface. This is on top of Raydiant’s already optimized interface, which gives you access to a slew of in-location tools to make your customer and employee experience so much better. Get it all—workplace competitions, dynamic digital signage, custom background music, video conferencing, AR technology, social walls, and more—from one platform: Raydiant.

Manage everything, from anywhere

On the go? Our cloud-based platform lets you take all your important business data and tools with you. With HubSpot as part of our app marketplace, this means having instant access to sales, marketing, and customer data. It also means creating, switching out, and updating digital signs and menu boards from any device, anywhere you happen to be. In fact, all Raydiant apps can be managed remotely, meaning your job just got that much easier.

How do we integrate

The HubSpot app is available as part of our In-Location Experience Platform, and is accessible from the Raydiant dashboard. Raydiant customers with a HubSpot subscription and a Hoopla by Raydiant subscription can sync their HubSpot data to create workplace competitions based on key insights. Managers and employees can track their progress and celebrate their wins with Hoopla’s live leaderboards, created with Raydiant-enabled screens. For more information, book a free demo today.