by Hipscan

Hipscan helps brick and mortar businesses use QR code technology to interact with their customers in an effective, safe, and revenue-producing fashion. Once scanned, a Hipscan QR code directs users to the desired content: web page, menu, or product video. Then, customers can easily browse offerings, place an order, and engage digitally with your brand, all from a personal mobile device. Hipscan QR code technology creates a seamless, contact-free brand experience for your customers.

Contact-free interaction with customers

Hipscan helps brick and mortars interact with their customers, without any actual interaction. Hipscan QR codes allow for customers to place an order or engage with your brand without ever touching high-contact surfaces or interacting with employees. This contact-free experience gives the customer the ultimate control and taps into the modern demand for more touchless, contactless solutions.

Improved marketing and engagement

Once scanned, the Hipscan QR code directs users to the desired content: a product page, web page, menu, or product video. Analytics are tracked in time with the scanning: when, where, and with what device. With this information, business owners and managers can track customer behaviors and create better, more personalized marketing campaigns and interactions.

How do we integrate

When you purchase a Raydiant subscription, you also purchase a subscription to Hipscan. With Hipscan, you can easily create and add QR codes to your Raydiant digital signage. With Hipscan QR code technology, it’s easier than ever for brick and mortars to offer a seamless, touchless brand experience.