by Goodable

Goodable’s AI-powered platform uses machine learning to filter through thousands of news articles to identify and share good news stories with a high “happiness score.” Goodable removes all the negativity and fear-mongering new stories, identifying the best streaming stories to make your customers and employees happier and calmer. Stream GoodableTV’s “happy news” on your Raydiant digital signage and transform the screens in your lobby, break room, office, or any other brick-and-mortar location where positive news content would be appreciated by customers, guests, or employees. Using GoodableTV through Raydiant, organizations from any industry – of any size – can improve the morale of their customers and employees, increase employee productivity, and boost purchasing, thanks to a steady stream of good news and an improved in-location experience.

Improve customer mood and employee morale

By streaming GoodableTV through Raydiant, your business can deliver positivity and morale-boosting stories to your employees and customers around the clock.

Not only does this stream of positive news improve your signage and in-location experience, but it also creates feelings of happiness and improved well-being for employees and customers alike.

With Goodable, you have the power to turn someone’s day around within 15 seconds. Make that someone your customers and employees.

Increase productivity

Goodable’s mission is to help viewers feel and perform better by providing a curated and customized news feed to promote mental well-being.

By streaming GoodableTV through Raydiant, your business location or waiting area can improve the mood of your employees through a steady stream of mood-boosting, endorphin-lifting positive news content on your digital signage or screens.

For businesses, this opportunity to improve employee mood is critical. Why? Happier employees are more productive. In fact, happiness made people around 12% more productive, according to a recent study by the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick.

Boost purchase intent and return visitors

Happy customers are more likely to purchase and return to your brick-and-mortar location or office space.

Streaming positive, feel good news content on your Raydiant digital signage and screens elevates your physical location and improves customer experience.

GoodableTV’s happy news feed transforms your signs and screens into a mood-boosting source of positive news content that will be appreciated by customers and employees alike.

By creating an uplifting environment in your area, you can improve your customer experience and encourage longer time in your space to invite more purchasing and visits.

How do we integrate

Setting up GoodableTV is quick and easy. Simply add the SKU to your Raydiant profile, and then the app will automatically be added to your dashboard. Now, you can begin streaming GoodableTV on your screens and Raydiant digital signage.