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Glass-Media enhances brick-and-mortar retail experiences through tailor-made visual-digital storytelling solutions. Glass-Media works with key stakeholders and customers to design, produce, and deploy these displays. Glass-Media's core competencies include hardware, manufacturing, fabrication, and custom battery solutions.

Tailor-made visual-digital storytelling solutions

Empower customers with customizable displays including portable kiosks, countertop displays, product glorifiers, and more. Whether you're a sportswear company looking to showcase a new shoe or a fast food joint wanting a better drive-thru experience, Glass-Media can help.


Glass-Media specializes in rapid, repeatable, customization without sacrificing quality. The turnaround is typically under eight weeks. Through a collaborative journey, customers are involved during each step of the iterative process, from 3D modeling to the budget and tech specs.

Competitive price points

Custom displays mean Glass-Media has the flexibility to build solutions that are within the customer's budget. For clients with 100+ locations, the company also absorbs much of the NRE (non-recurring engineering) costs, which refer to one-time costs to develop, design, or manufacture new products.