by FlyteBoard

Become a trusted travel resource—and bring in more in-location sales—with FlyteBoard. Raydiant’s partnership with FlyteSystems adds the FlyteBoard app to our third-party app marketplace. This flight information display system enables airports and travel-based companies to display real-time flight and travel information on Raydiant screens using information from local airports. Always accurate and up to date, these flight information display systems (FIDS) are more than flight statuses and gate changes—they’re opportunities to turn travelers into customers wherever they are.

Airport flight boards, airport optional

Raydiant and FlyteBoard bring flight boards out of the airport and into transitional areas—like hotels, parking facilities, and convention centers—where travelers congregate. Formatted like the FIDS in airports, these screens keep in-location customers informed and engaged with the most up-to-date flight information. Flight schedules, arrival and departure statuses, flight and gate numbers, and local airport weather conditions are displayed, automatically updating in real-time with the latest info.


Live FIDS captures attention, sales, and dwell time

Generate more revenue at your location with a powerhouse mix of dynamic digital signs and live flight displays. Capture travelers’ attention and turn them into customers as they wait, and bring more repeat customers back for a cup of coffee or bite of food while they watch your flight boards. Raydiant and FlyteBoard’s FIDS attract customers who love having a place they can relax while keeping track of their latest flight status. This translates to larger orders, longer dwell times, and more repeat customers for you.


Flight boards customized by you

While you have your customers’ attention, use Raydiant to build dynamic playlists that showcase your brand logo, latest promos, videos, social media feeds, public health updates, and other custom messaging. The flight information display system makes it easy to display your logo and brand images, time and date, traffic and weather events, and more on a portion of your FIDS screens. Customize and update your screens in seconds, and your displays change instantly, whether you have one screen in one location, or multiple.


A flight information displays system that scales

Our FlyteBoard app integration makes it easy and cost effective to connect to one or multiple airports, for an FIDS that scales with you. No matter if you have one location or 10,000, you can enjoy the same revenue-boosting, brand-building effects of this real-time flight board. When you’re ready to expand, our cloud-based system lets you do it instantly and economically. You only pay one flat fee per month, per airport location, making it easy to add screens as you go at no additional charge.

How do we integrate

The FlyteBoard app is available as part of our In-Location Experience Platform, and is accessible from the Raydiant dashboard. Raydiant customers with a FlyteBoard subscription can use Raydiant-enabled screens to broadcast FlyteBoard data for engaging in-location displays that boost revenue through a better customer experience. For more information, book a free demo today.