by EmployeeMetrics

EmployeeMetrics is a software solution that specializes in labor compliance. Display employee hours and breaks in real time, and deliver high priority notifications and reports to workplace management, to help you avoid costly labor law infractions. EmployeeMetrics is extremely helpful for industries with hourly workers, including restaurant, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and health and beauty.

Monitor compliance in real time

EmployeeMetrics monitors compliance in real time by integrating your unique timekeeping system into your EmployeeMetrics app, to ensure specific state labor laws regarding shifts and breaks are always met.

The EmployeeMetrics app/dashboard displays employee hours on the clock, recorded breaks, and upcoming breaks in real time, so compliance can be easily monitored. Notifications and reports are also sent to management through EmployeeMetrics, so everyone knows when it’s time to break.

Reduce employer liability, prevent infractions

EmployeeMetrics also helps business owners and operators remain in compliance by increasing visibility of employee shift schedules and break times during operational hours. Business owners and operators can easily view timesheets at a glance, which works to ensure labor compliance and helps reduce the chances of a costly infraction.

EmployeeMetrics also makes it easy for employees to remain in compliance. With EmployeeMetrics Live View™, hourly employees can view their own breaks and shifts on a centrally located device like a smart TV, tablet, computer monitor, or POS device.

EmployeeMetrics informs employees and management alike of employees' hours on the clock, recorded breaks, and upcoming breaks in real time, which means all team members can always work to meet compliance.

Save time and money

Labor compliance laws are complex and difficult to understand if you aren’t a lawyer or legal expert. Plus, if you’re a business owner, you’re already too busy to add another task, like manually monitoring breaks and shifts, onto your plate. That’s where EmployeeMetrics comes in.

EmployeeMetrics can be adjusted to fit your state’s specific labor laws, which allows for managers and employees to easily manage compliance regarding breaks and shifts.

Labor law infractions are costly and can happen to anyone. EmployeeMetrics acts like a suit of armor, and serves as your first line of defense against being out of compliance.

How do we integrate

EmployeeMetrics is available as part of our In-Location Experience Marketplace, and is accessible from the Raydiant dashboard. EmployeeMetrics is an easily installed software solution that specializes in labor compliance.

Simply install a TV or other screen in your break room or other employee gathering areas, and let Raydiant take care of displaying EmployeeMetrics data, alongside other awesome content from your Raydiant dashboard.