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Digiphy is a QR code and no-code, page-building SaaS platform that connects companies
directly to customers through a contextual mobile-friendly digital experience from your Raydiant screens. No matter your industry, Raydiant’s Digiphy integration transforms your digital signage into a gateway for useful and engaging interactive content. This is possible using Digiphy Storylines — QR-linked contextual landing pages. Add Digiphy QR-connected Storyline pages so you can unlock new revenue, capture customer data and omnichannel insights, share valuable product, restaurant, and store information, cultivate loyalty, and increase brand engagement.

Connect directly to customers with Digiphy

Customers are loyal to brands that give them relevant experiences, whether it’s in-store or
online. Whenever a customer scans a QR code, send them to contextual, mobile-friendly
landing pages that share useful and relevant brand content to help inform their purchasing
decision. Ensure they have the right information at the right moment to achieve your business objectives.

Digiphy empowers brands to share product and brand information — recipes and menus,
suggest tips, offer promotions, collect and display customer reviews, deliver an AR experience, and more.

Craft engaging, interactive digital experiences. No coding required

Digiphy is a no-code solution so that you can create and manage mobile-friendly pages without any technical expertise, big teams, or expensive budgets. Add interactive elements to conversion-optimized and highly customizable Digiphy Storyline pages that match your brand’s look and feel using pre-built modules and templates.

Create engaging, developer, and agency-quality content to elevate your customers’ in-store experience.

Let Digiphy level up your digital storytelling

Reshape how customers interact with your company in brick-and-mortar using Digiphy’s
all-in-one QR and page-building platform. Connect the physical-to-digital with interactive storytelling and marketing. Digiphy helps you communicate directly with consumers with a new, always-on marketing channel from your Raydiant screens.

Generate QR codes and link them to your Storylines in a few simple clicks. Easily edit and
update pages without changing the QR code on your screens. Seamlessly rotate seasonal
promotions, new products, menu items, featured recipes, videos, and more.

Capture valuable and difficult-to-attain customer data & insights

Capture, track, and analyze customer data from every one of your Raydiant screens. Digiphy’s in-platform reporting and analytics help retailers build an omnichannel view of their consumers. Drop your Meta Pixel or Google Analytics Tag on your Digiphy Storylines to gather data and insight on whose viewing and scanning your screen displays and where. Retarget these users and others that look like them. Collect customers’ email addresses through opt-in forms so you can easily share promotions, customer reviews, and brand content. Integrate with your CRM and existing marketing tools to segment data for retargeting and cultivate a holistic, cross-platform understanding of your audience.

Interactive storytelling and in-location marketing

Add Digiphy alongside your Raydiant dashboard to instantly offer interactive content that tells your brand's story. Dedicate one screen to Digiphy and another to a rotating playlist of promotional, educational, or entertaining content to keep guests engaged. Showcase relevant content alongside your Digiphy display to improve customer engagement and the overall in-person experience. 

How we integrate

Digiphy is available as part of our In-Location Experience Marketplace and is accessible from the Raydiant dashboard. This integration creates an improved in-person experience, where customers and employees are more engaged. Along with this integration, Raydiant customers have access to the entire Raydiant ecosystem, which includes custom background music, video streaming content, social walls, occupancy tracking, AR technology, and more.