Raydiant App Certified Partnerby Captivate | Raydiant Certified App Partner

The Captive messaging platform was made to meet the needs of today’s upscale community properties. As part of the ever-expanding Raydiant app library, Captivate is a valuable tool for property and community managers who wish to better communicate with their tenants, workers, and visitors in the places they live, work, and recreate. Captivate’s carefully curated content, coupled with its customizable messaging, makes it an engaging communication portal for entryways, lobbies, elevators, and other high-traffic areas.

Bring attention to important announcements

Looking for a better way to reach your building tenants, customers, or employees? Captivate calls their attention to important announcements and reminders, such as new amenities, rental upgrades and occupancies, and health and safety protocols. Display messaging on the Raydiant screens in your common areas—switching out content when as needed with our cloud-based system—to keep your community in the know.


Engage employees throughout the workday

Your employees get enough emails and chats—why not give them a break by offering simple at-a-glance reminders throughout the office? Use Captivate to inform employees of company events and announcements, news and building notices, and other information relevant to them. Curate the content to your workplace needs, even adding a bit of news, sports, weather, entertainment, and more to keep them informed and engaged while riding the elevator or waiting in a meeting.


Advertise where people live, work, and play

As the name implies, Captivate gives you a captive audience for all your community advertisements. In high-traffic areas, your Raydiant screens will shine with on-brand, attention-grabbing advertisements for all to see as they go about their day. And since you get to control the branding and messaging, and make updates easily from any device, you can push as many promotions as you like to your digital screens.


Curate content for your community

Increase tenant and employee satisfaction by giving the people what they want—content geared to their unique needs. Publish important community messages, sales, and promotions. Mix in local news and weather feeds, the latest score of the big game, the brand-new Yoga class your gym is offering—anything that reminds people they are part of your community.

How we integrate

The Captivate app is available on the Raydiant dashboard. Customers can access, create, and manage Captivate digital content on one or multiple screens, and across locations, using Raydiant’s cloud-based system. Raydiant is a plug-and-play system that can be remotely managed on any device. Using the integrated Captivate app on the Raydiant system requires a subscription to both platforms. For more information, book a free demo today.