by BrightSign

Raydiant and BrightSign are teaming up to offer the perfect match - now, BrightSign customers can tap into the power of Raydiant’s experience management platform software using their existing hardware devices. BrightSign customers can leverage Raydiant’s CMS software to power engaging digital signage experiences across any location, from restaurants to retail spaces, and more! Here’s how our partner integration works:

Tap into the Raydiant experience platform

Raydiant’s experience platform software now integrates with your BrightSign devices, including the XD4, HD4, and LS4. Raydiant empowers you to create and manage digital signage experiences of all kinds, from digital menu boards that dynamically update as you manage your point of sale, to on-brand promotional signage, social media walls, wayfinding, and more through our marketplace of 100s of app partners.


No need to "rip and replace" your devices

Our integration means you don’t have to make any changes to your existing BrightSign hardware setup. If you have a XD4, HD4, or LS4 running in your locations, you’re good to go! Getting started with Raydiant’s experience platform is a breeze - simply activate your screens and start building your content playlists using existing assets, partner content integrations, or our design resources. You’ll be up and running in minutes.


Easily manage content across 10 to 10,000 locations (from your couch)

Raydiant’s experience platform is cloud-based, meaning you can create, manage and publish content straight from your laptop. Our Enterprise plan makes it easy to manage hundreds of locations at scale. Using our Rules & Tags feature, you can organize and schedule content en masse, and even set guidelines around time zone scheduling (so that happy hour menus always turn on at 4:00p, no matter where they are around the globe). For scaling enterprise brands, Raydiant proudly offers 99.99% screen uptime, and 24/7 customer support (just in case).

How do we integrate

It’s the perfect match - your BrightSign hardware can now run Raydiant’s experience management platform. If you’re not already a Raydiant customer, simply request a demo to learn more. Once you sign on, you’ll be able to run powerful and engaging digital signage content across any location around the globe. Raydiant is currently integrated with BrightSign’s XD4, HD4, and LS4 hardware devices and we’re excited to continue innovating as more technology is unveiled from our partner.