by ArtPlayer

Stream the world’s most popular art on your digital screens. ArtPlayer makes it easy for companies to create the right mood in their space using thousands of digital art prints in every genre. Hotels, hospitals, workplaces, nursing homes, retail spaces—all public-facing organizations can use the power of art to stimulate, soothe, and entertain with custom infotainment that engages viewers. Here’s how Raydiant’s ArtPlayer app transforms any space into an art gallery.


Enjoy world-famous art and artists

Imagine having millions of dollars-worth of art work at your disposal. ArtPlayer lets you stream the world’s most famous and compelling artworks on your in-location screens. Display masterpieces from the greatest artists of all time, including Van Gogh, Renoir, Cezanne, Gaugin, Tissot, Munch, and many more—all in glorious 4K video. Choose any popular art genre you desire from Abstract, Realist, Cubist, and Impressionist. Watch your walls come alive with art you can customize to create any mood for your space.


Select your art by mood

Like music, art evokes specific emotions based on its color, composition, and other subtleties. ArtPlayer uses the evocative nature of art to your advantage, allowing you to choose pieces to display based on the feelings you wish to create in the viewer. The app lets you select a mood setting (Happy, Excited, Calm, etc.) and will automatically generate digital art based on that algorithm. Music matching the art and its mood will also play in the background, creating an effective multisensory experience for the viewer. These mood-based displays will assist in setting the tone for your business. This will vary from amping up employees to meet a new sales goal to calming patients who are anxiously waiting for a medical procedure.


From infotainment to edutainment

ArtPlayer can be used anywhere—from workplaces to hotels, hospitals to museums. Hotels, restaurants, spas, and other hospitality environments can use the streaming art displays to add ambiance with engaging art that stimulates or soothes. Museums, schools, and libraries can use these dynamic art displays to educate the public. To improve patient care, ArtPlayer’s curated catalog of mood-based art can be powerful in helping to alleviate patients’ anxiety before and during medical procedures.


Add music, custom messages, and more

What’s better than experiencing the world’s best art? Experiencing it with the perfect pairing of background music to create the perfect atmosphere. ArtPlayer automatically syncs your art with custom background music, creating an immersive experience that sets the tone you’re after. Add your own custom ticker message to the bottom of the screen, and you have art that works on multiple levels.

How we integrate

The ArtPlayer app is available as part of our In-Location Experience Marketplace, and is accessible from the Raydiant dashboard. Raydiant customers with an ArtPlayer subscription can easily use their Raydiant-enabled screens across any location as dynamic streaming art displays. These streaming art displays will be ideal in setting the proper tone for customers, patients, guests, and employees. For more information, book a free demo today.