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Actionfigure is an all-in-one transportation intelligence solution that helps people make the smartest private and public transportation choices. Provide real-time transportation information showing nearby buses, trains, subways, taxi, Uber and Lyft drivers, bikes and more! Help your visitors, tenants, and employees get to where they need to go in one glance. Best of all, displays are fully customizable from branding to the info shared, showing only what’s important to your community.

Information People Need

Choosing the next train, bus, subway, cab, or bike normally means fumbling through apps. Adding Actionfigure to your screen provides everything people need to know to plan their next trip. Providing live, real-time transportation information helps people get to their next ride on time

Help patrons get home safely

Encourage restaurant and bar guests to get home safely by offering easy to understand transit choices that can keep them away from the wheel after a fun night out. And with Raydiant’s Nested Playlists, rotate in other upcoming events and promotional messaging alongside Actionfigure’s transit recommendations to encourage guests to come back soon (for happy hour, to see your local jazz band, or your next watch party).

Comprehensive, data-powered information

Actionfigure’s proprietary data platform coordinates and curates more than 3,000 data feeds to provide accurate, real-time transportation information about all types of transportation (public transit, shared transportation, ride-hailing services, private transit, and parking).

Think sustainable

Whether it's retail locations, workplaces, restaurants or residential buildings provide your community sustainable travel options. Real-time transportation information assists places with limited parking and traffic gridlock, where encouraging more people to use transit makes the location more attractive for both drivers and those who use different ways to get to your location. Showing real-time transportation information at your location can also help Transportation Demand Management (TDM) initiatives and specific LEED goals.

How we integrate

Actionfigure is available as part of our In-Location Experience Marketplace and is accessible from the Raydiant dashboard. Simply connect your Actionfigure account within our app dashboard, and you’ll be ready to provide intelligent transportation information across Raydiant-powered screens in minutes.