Podcast 87: April Sabral

April Sabral is the founder and CEO of retailu, an online, on-demand leadership development platform for retail professionals.

She is also the author of The Positive Effect, where she details her journey working in retail. In the episode today, we talk about the biggest lessons April has to share about leadership in the retail industry, including her ACT model that she uses to teach retail professionals how to build strong teams.

Topics Discussed in Today's Episode

  • April’s background and about retailu

  • About April’s book, the Positive Effect 

  • The ACT model and how it helps you build a strong team in the retail industry. 

  • Biggest leadership lessons from all of April’s work in the retail space 

  • Why being nice actually helps you get your way in life 

  • Riding the highs and lows of day-to-day working in retail 

  • Managing conflict and difficult conversations as a leader 

  • Staying focused on the most important asset in your store – people