Podcast 86: Mina Fader

Mina Fader is the Managing Director of Wharton’s Baker Retailing Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

In this episode, Mina discusses the present and future state of retail. She breaks down the fate of the brick and mortar space in the digital, post-COVID world, and you might be surprised to hear her take on where retail is heading in the future.

Topics Discussed in Today's Episode

  • About Mina and how her career in retail developed 

  • About the Wharton Baker Retailing Center 

  • How you can learn from the Wharton Baker Retailing Center 

  • Some of the most compelling research in the retailing space today 

  • Merging online and offline worlds as retailers 

  • Why brick and mortar stores will not go away 

  • Consumers valuing social purpose and authenticity in the younger generations 

  • How retail professionals can grow and thrive post-COVID