Podcast 1: Melissa Gonzalez

This is an interesting time for brick and mortar retailers as they face the unique challenges that come along with the COVID-19 pandemic while also trying to adapt to technological and consumer changes in the retail space.

Joining the podcast today to talk about these issues is Melissa Gonzalez, the CEO and Founder of the Lionesque Group, as well as a Principal in the MG2 Group, and the author of The Pop-Up Paradigm: Building Human Connections in a Digital Age. Listen in to hear what Melissa has to say about what inspired her to write a book, what the biggest changes she’s seen in consumer behavior are, and what retailers should be thinking about as the retail space emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Topics Discussed in Today's Episode

  • Melissa’s background

  • What is meant by “popup paradigm”

  • What inspired Melissa’s book

  • Biggest changes that Melissa has seen in customer and consumer behavior

  • What Melissa thinks will change once a vaccine is found

  • How to bring digital technologies together with the in-store experience

  • Areas that retailers should avoid right now

  • Notable brands with great in-store experiences

  • Top things for retailers to think of when coming out of the COVID situation

  • Technologies that have adopted faster than Melissa expected

  • Technologies that Melissa thinks retailers should adopt


Melissa Gonzalez


“I didn’t think the industry needed a “how-to” book, but really kind of just understanding the place that pop-ups have within the industry.”

“The impacts of change we’re seeing right now is definitely holistic across that whole ecosystem.”

“Shopping in retail is emotional. It’s an emotional experience.”