Dairy Queen’s Nicolas Boudet on How to Create Timeless, Consistent Customer Experiences

On today’s episode of The QSR Experience Show, Bobby speaks with Nicolas Boudet, Chief Operating Officer at Dairy Queen, a chain of soft serve ice cream and fast food restaurants. They discuss what has made Dairy Queen so successful over its 80 years of operation, and how DQ creates consistent experiences across their 7000 locations worldwide through extensive training and customer feedback. They also talk about current trends shaping the restaurant industry, what emerging technology will impact efficiency and costs, and where the “bright future” of the restaurant industry is headed.

Topics discussed:

  • ​​The evolution of Nicholas’ career, and how being exposed to a number of different cultures growing up inspired “curiosity and an appetite to learn,” which helps inform his oversight of Dairy Queen’s international locations.

  • The factors that contribute to Dairy Queen’s success over the past 80 years, including how the experience is timeless and woven into people’s lives.

  • How Dairy Queen creates consistent experiences across its 7000 locations worldwide by measuring the customer experience, continuous training, and spot checks.

  • How Dairy Queen is thinking about localized store design and menus while maintaining branded and consistent experiences.

  • What trends are shaping the world of QSR, including the rise of third-party delivery, technological integrations, and data analytics.

  • What emerging technologies will impact the restaurant industry and how they will increase efficiency and reduce labor costs.

  • What trends will shape the future of the restaurant industry, and why QSRs will continue to focus on creating experiences based on customer needs.