Wahlburgers Restaurant Chain Uses Raydiant at their 40+ Locations

“The team at Raydiant has done a great job creating unique in-store experiences for consumers. I’m impressed with what they’re doing for brick-and-mortar companies, and happy to get involved in spreading the word to other businesses.” Mark Wahlberg, Co-Founder of Wahlburgers

Raydiant gave Wahlburgers an effective, efficient way to update menus, promote new menu items, specials, and seasonal fare, as well as schedule dayparting and special menus across locations. Our cloud-based interface gives business owners the flexibility to do this anywhere and anytime, so that they can focus on the more important task of running their business.

“What it means for the business is we save costs on printing menus. And if we want to launch a campaign, Raydiant gives us the opportunity to promote those messages very quickly in our restaurants.” David Dai, Brand Manager at Wahlburgers

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