Your Content, Your Way with New Folders Tool

As a Raydiant customer, you may notice that the platform gets updated often, giving you a more streamlined, functional user experience.

One of these recent upgrades not only gives the platform’s dashboard a cleaner, more minimalist look—but it also includes a new organization tool in the app library: Folders. Folders lets you—the user—organize your digital signage content your way, so you can find what you need, when you need it. Here are some ways Folders helps simplify and enhance the user experience:

Create and Manage Your Folders

Now you can add new folders, name them, and save them within the Raydiant interface. This lets you store your content in folders—and even nest your folders—so that you can keep everything organized the way you like it. For example, want to put all of your seasonal content in one place? Create a folder and maybe call it “Seasonal.”

Or maybe you’d like to put all of your videos in one place, and all of your PosterMyWall digital posters in another. Create a folder for each, naming them “Videos,” “Promotional Posters,” or whatever you want! The beauty of Folders is that it gives you the flexibility to organize your signage content in a way that makes sense to you.

And since Raydiant is a cloud-based platform, that means you have access to those folders—and all your content—from anywhere, and on any device. Having your digital signage content at your fingertips means less time looking for a file you can’t find, and more time on your business.

Nest, Organize, Rename—Do it All!

As previously mentioned, the Folders app has full functionality—meaning you can create and nest folders and sub-folders any way you like. Perhaps you’re a restaurant who has dayparting menus. You might want to create a folder called “Menus” and subfolders that contain dayparting, seasonal, and special event menus along with any images or videos that go with them.

If you’re a real estate professional, you may wish to create a folder for each of your territories and create sub-folders for each neighborhood. As a retailer, you may wish to create folders for each product type, and sub-folders of brands in that category—or vice versa! There really is no wrong way to manage your content—it’s your prerogative!

And when it comes time to re-organize your folders? Simply rename them, re-order them, or delete them as necessary. You can drag files from other folders or from your desktop or tablet, and sort them (as needed) by file Name, Type, and Date. Enjoy this level of organization with just a few clicks!

Your Presentations and Playlists, Simplified

The same update that gave you Folders has combined the Presentations and Playlists section of the Raydiant library into one screen for both, for better usability. Now you can have all of your content in one place, and on one screen, and organize them into folders and sub-folders as you see fit. With the top level of all your digital signage content easily accessible from one screen, there’s no more having to look two places and scroll through files to find what you’re after.

This improved mode is great for single screens, but even more important for multiple screens and multiple locations. Juggling two or more screens in multiple locations means your content can get away from you. Which content goes on which screen—and what if you want to display certain content in some locations and not others? Not to mention scheduling presentations to play at certain times for certain locations. There’s so much to keep track of! With the Folders app, you’ll be able to keep on track and organized so you know what content should be displayed, and when and where to display it.

New Sort Screens Function

Another exciting feature is that you can now sort your screens in Screens view. If you have multiple screens in one or more locations, this is a godsend. With this feature, you can stay at the helm of your digital signage ship, and know exactly what’s going on with your screens at all times. For instance, you can sort your screens by name, online/offline status, and the date they were added. Think about it: if you have multiple screens, you can see which ones (if any) are offline at any given time, so you can troubleshoot any problems with blank or frozen screens immediately. With this new Screens function, you can see the status of all of your screens at a glance—and since you can sort them by status, you’ll instantly see if one or more of them go offline. (Raydiant does boast a 99.95% uptime, so this shouldn’t be a problem—but in case you do have one, our support team is ready to get you up and running right away.)

A More Minimalist Dashboard

Like we said, the new Raydiant dashboard isn’t just more efficient, and now offers new tools and functionality—but it looks even better! Simplified, streamlined, and modernized—the new dashboard makes it easy to visually find what you are looking for at a glance. Who knew digital signage could be so easy?

Not Yet a Raydiant Customer? Try it Risk-Free!

Shopping for just the right digital signage platform? With it’s plug-and-play hardware, easy setup, friendly user interface, and cloud-based platform for easy accessibility, Raydiant sells itself. Our customers—who include retailers, restaurants, bars, spas, salons, gyms, and other businesses—love that they can create designer-level digital signage content at the drop of a hat, and display it on one or multiple screens—whether they have one or a hundred locations. And since our platform is cloud-based, that means they can access it whether they are at their business, home, on the beach—anywhere they have internet, and from any device. This is digital signage for the modern world—remotely managed, ready-to-go in minutes, and easy to use. But don’t take our word for it—try it for yourself, at no charge or obligation.