Working Remotely? Stay Connected with the Virtual Room

Remote workers and dispersed teams are becoming increasingly common, with 4.7 million people working remotely some or all of the time in the U.S. alone.

But with the flexibility it brings, remote work does come with its challenges: namely staying connected and in communication with others in a virtual world. Raydiant’s Virtual Room makes this possible—and easier than ever before. Our plug-and-play solution gets you up and running in minutes, so you can connect with your team—be it a team of 10 or 100—instantly. Here’s how the Virtual Room works. 

What is the Virtual Room?

Raydiant’s Virtual Room is a virtual workspace where people from any geographical location can meet face-to-face via video conferencing using Raydiant’s cloud-based system and a TV screen. The Virtual Room includes our plug-and-play ScreenRay device—which plugs into your TV’s HDMI port—and a USB web camera, T-Mobile data plan, and BlueJeans video conferencing app. Its easy mobility means you can set up Raydiant’s Virtual Room anywhere—at home, at the office, at a hotel, or anywhere you have access to a TV and the internet.

How Can I Use the Virtual Room?

Many businesses are using Raydiant’s Virtual Room to connect with their teams and remote employees across the nation and world. They use it to conduct meetings, live webinars, trainings, and job interviews—and our integrated system allows them to share company updates, live calendars, and live news feeds, on screen and in real time. But the Virtual Room goes beyond the boardroom, as it is an effective tool for almost any industry. Some examples include:

Doctors and healthcare workers can use the Virtual Room for telemedicine visits, where they can treat and check in with patients remotely. It also makes it possible for doctors to confer with specialists from all over the world, attend remote medical trainings, and even observe surgeries remotely.

Teachers can use the Virtual Room to connect with students in other locations, whether it’s to teach online classes, administer virtual student assemblies, or conduct individual tutoring sessions. In addition to easy access for distance learning, students also have the benefit of engaging with the teacher and the rest of the students in the virtual classroom, so that they can ask questions, offer answers, and socialize. 

Gyms and fitness studios can offer remote group fitness classes and personal training sessions to their members via the Virtual Room. This interactive tool lets instructors and trainers offer motivation, provide feedback on form, and answer members’ questions about the workout or training session. 

What are the Benefits of the Virtual Room?

Offers Flexibility

Of course, the most obvious benefit of the Virtual Room is that it offers flexibility—you don’t have to waste travel time and expenses to get the team together for an all-hands meeting. You can offer the convenience of a virtual doctor’s visit to patients who are too sick or contagious to come to an in-person appointment. You can conduct classes in different time zones around the world, expanding their virtual classrooms to include students from around the world.

Saves Money

Recent findings suggest that businesses could save up to $33,000 annually by replacing in-person meetings with video conferencing. Between an increasingly global and remote workforce, it’s no longer realistic or cost-effective to fly everyone in for in-person meetings. Video conferencing via Raydiant’s Virtual Room solves this problem beautifully, allowing employees to meet virtually from anywhere and everywhere. 

Improves Communication

Raydiant’s Virtual Room improves communication between individuals and groups in a way audio conferencing or phone meetings can’t. The integrated video conferencing app lets you see who you’re talking to—their facial expressions, body language, and other non-verbal communication proven to improve communication by up to 93%. Visual aids like on-screen updates and screen sharing are also great collaboration tools that quickly get everyone on the same page regardless of being in different physical locations. On top of this, our Virtual Room offers HD video conferencing and Dolby Voice® audio, for always clear, always crisp communication, and our T-Mobile integration promises resilient, secure connectivity.

Boosts Productivity

Better communication means more streamlined workflows. The Virtual Room helps team collaborate more effectively, answer questions more efficiently, and complete projects with less back and forth. Live onscreen updates, calendars, and news feeds can also be shared easily to keep everyone up to date and on task. More efficiency also means there is no more time wasted booking the always-booked conference room, setting up complicated hardware, or interrupting the meeting to troubleshoot hardware and software issues.

Connects People

A recent study revealed that 87% of remote workers said that video conferencing made them feel more connected to their team. Video conferencing is the next best thing to being there in person, as it fosters face-to-face communication and a heightened level of engagement that you can’t get with phone calls or audio conferencing. Whether you’re a CEO needing to address an all-remote team, a yoga instructor leading a virtual group meditation, or a teacher explaining a complex math problem to a group of middle-schoolers, you can use the Virtual Room to enhance your connection.

How Do I Set Up the Virtual Room?

Set up is simple, and anyone can do it—no IT training necessary. Get up and running in minutes with these five easy steps:

  • Connect Raydiant’s ScreenRay2 device to your TV’s HDMI port

  • Attach the USB camera to your screen and connect it to the ScreenRay2.

  • Plug in and turn on the ScreenRay2.

  • Connect to the T-Mobile LTE network.

  • Optional: Connect to wired internet via ethernet cable (not necessary with Wi-Fi).

Bring People Together with Raydiant

Raydiant is a cloud-based system that offers businesses of all kinds a large library of apps for creating and displaying digital signage content, playing custom music playlists, and virtually visiting team mates, customers, and friends with HD video conferencing. Our plug-and-play hardware and cloud-based interface makes it easy to install and simple to manage via any internet-connected device.

Through our partnership with BlueJeans, we offer our customers access to one of the leading virtual meeting apps available as part of the Raydiant system. This same robust video conferencing technology is used by celebrity-turned-restaurateur Mark Wahlberg to connect with employees and customers in his nationwide chain of Wahlburgers restaurants. Find out how Raydiant’s Virtual Room can help you go from “out of touch” to “on the same page.”