Why Our New Barvanna App is a Game-Changer for Bars, Restaurants, and Other Businesses

We’re pleased to announce our latest partnership with sports, entertainment, and games network provider Barvanna.

This streaming network is now available on the Raydiant dashboard, home of an ever-expanding app library designed to level up the customer experience and improve sales for brick and mortars. Here’s why you and your customers will love Barvanna, and how it’s a game changer, no matter your business type.

Barvanna: Where Content is King

The Barvanna network is a collection of curated content that includes energetic sports videos, trivia, famous quotes, games, and other short-form content designed to draw attention and keep customers entertained. The Barvanna feed is completely customizable for your business and clientele, just like having your very own, personalized TV network.

In addition to selecting content modules, you can also add your own promotional content (specials, limited time offers, happy hours and other special events)to the feed. You can set it to display as a partial screen while entertainment streams on the main screen, or you can set it to display in between other content. Barvanna also gives you the option to add logos and other branded content if you like.

Barvanna for Bars and Restaurants 

There’s a reason why restaurant sales soar during special televised events like sporting games and award shows—it juices up the crowd and gives them something to bond over. In fact, industry experts consistently report an increase in traffic and revenue when restaurants and bars offer TV entertainment. Barvanna works off of this concept of keeping patrons in their seats and ordering more. With a never-ending stream of curated content that excites (sports videos), gets people involved (trivia), and starts conversations (“Would You Rather?” and other games), Barvanna keeps the energy up and your customers wanting more. 

Barvanna’s genius lies as much in what it leaves out as what it includes: there’s no boring sports commentary, repetitive infomercials, or other mood-killing content. What’s left is the TV your customers want—and without you wasting time endlessly channel surfing. Barvanna’s content is always fresh, easily customizable, and guaranteed to be family friendly. And instead of competing with your marketing, Barvanna lets you incorporate your own promotional content into the feed, so you can advertise your happy hour or new entrée as part of your on-screen entertainment.

Barvanna for Hotels and Resorts 

The hospitality industry competes in customer experience, and every step along the guest journey counts. Each interaction is an opportunity to capture repeat business, positive online reviews, and better brand awareness overall. And while you may think that the larger ticket items—like views and amenities—are the only things guests focus on, the fact is that every part of their stay is an opportunity to make a great impression. A solid example of this is a hospitality study where 81% of hotel guests said they wanted a better digital customer experience from hotel brands. 

Greet guests in your lobby and common areas with compelling content they can enjoy as they arrive at the front desk, wait for an elevator, or simply stop to rest between activities. Make the most out of your Barvanna content by promoting hotel services and specials as part of your feed. Display QR codes with Barvanna, so guests can scan to win rewards, enter contests or sweepstakes, or open the hotel website to learn more about your amenities and services. 

Barvanna for Retail Stores 

Retailtainment—or an immersive mix of in-location entertainment and marketing—is having a moment. Top retailers like MAC Cosmetics, Nike, and Crayola are investing in creative ways to make visiting their brick and mortars a more enjoyable and unique experience for customers. And while you may not have the money to offer “build your own custom palette” beauty stations like MAC, you can add a new layer of in-store entertainment with the Barvanna network. 

With Barvanna, you can cater to younger generations with fun snippets of high-energy sports videos and mashups. Share store ads and promotions on your screens, and even special branded hashtags to encourage customers to share on social. Increase sales by creating targeted promotions that play at the point of sale and other high-volume locations throughout your store. There are so many ways to use Barvanna’s fun network to attract and entertain customers while driving sales and promotions.

Barvanna for All Types of Businesses and Events

Car dealerships

In the best circumstances, shopping for a car often means lots of time wandering the dealership. Customers need something to break up the monotony. Barvanna on your car dealership screens will keep them busy with fun, engaging content for their downtime.

Gyms and health clubs

It can be a challenge to keep the energy up at a gym or club. Energize your members with jaw-dropping action footage and sports compilations. Pepper in some seasonal promotions and specials with some motivational quotes (provided by Barvanna), and you’ve captured their attention.

Food trucks

Just like other eateries, food trucks must also consider the entertainment aspect of their customer experience. In fact, even more so than brick-and-mortar restaurants, as food trucks don’t have interior dining rooms, and must compete with the sights and sounds of the outside world. Draw customers’ attention to specials and promotions with your Raydiant screens (powered by Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity) and Barvanna’s fresh, fast-paced content.

Trade shows

When it comes to trade shows, it’s all about what gets people to visit—and stay at—your booth. Barvanna’s content is hand-picked to appeal to the senses with short-form, highly compelling content. Forget costly banners and tired posters—use Barvanna on your Raydiant screens to bring them to your booth.

Enjoy Barvanna as Part of Raydiant’s Robust Platform

The Barvanna app is just one part of Raydiant’s comprehensive customer experience platform. Raydiant, the top customer-rated experience platform for brick and mortars, offers a large app library, with customer experience tools for custom background music, music videos, contactless services, augmented reality, POS integrations, dynamic digital signage, and so much more. To learn more about Raydiant’s cloud-based platform, including more about how Barvanna can benefit your business, book a demo today.

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