Why Digital Signage Went from a Want to a Need

The global digital signage market is currently valued at 20.8 billion USD, and is forecasted to reach nearly 30 billion by 2024.

The rising trend of commercial digital signs is no surprise: they’ve been proven to increase revenue and reach more customers with their advertisements than static signs. They’ve also been used to improve the overall customer experience—something that 75% of businesses are using to stay ahead of the competition. We’ve listed some of the ways that digital signage has turned from a novelty to a necessity, and how your business can use Raydiant’s digital signage platform to boost your business.

They Grab Attention and Increase Sales

Most customers enter a store because of its digital signs. Of those customers, up to 70% make purchases because of in-store digital signs. People are drawn to digital signs because of their dynamic displays and bold, colorful visuals. They bring your message alive, with video, animation, and crisp, clear HD imagery. Our customers use their Raydiant displays as digital menu boards, social walls, digital promotional posters and videos, interactive wayfinding signage, and much more. Digital signs like these have been known to draw more foot traffic, bring attention to sales and promotions, and engage in-location customers like never before.

Our restaurant customers, like Wahlburgers, are using their Raydiant screens to promote new menu items, save menu printing costs, and maintain flexibility and agility when it comes to switching their on-screen messaging. Retailers like True Glory Hair use their Raydiant screens as social walls, connecting with customers through shoppable looks and images of people who look like them modeling their wares. The world-famous Treasure Island Hotel & Casino says their Raydiant screens encourage longer, and repeat, customer visits, and increase their promotional sales. And the CynGym CrossFit gym calls Raydiant screens a “gamechanger,” as they help welcome new members, and provide a system that allows trainers to better train and develop closer connections with clients. There are so benefits of using Raydiant—no matter what industry you’re in.

They Boost Customer Engagement

When polled, 42% of retail customers said they prefer to shop at stores with video displays. And overall, incorporating digital signage increases customer satisfaction by 46%. Why is this? Customers are looking for personalized service with messages targeted to their needs. They’re also looking for convenience. Digital signs provide both—and in a highly visual platform that attracts more attention and reaches a wider audience. Digital displays entertain, engage, and inform your customers in a variety of ways.

Vibrant promotional displays include videos and animations that excite customers and entertain them while shopping or dining. Digital signs used as social walls connect customers to your brand in a more meaningful way, as they can enjoy seeing customers like themselves enjoying your products and services. They can also engage in a two-way conversation with your brand by posting pictures of themselves at your store, restaurant, or location, and tagging your business with the chance of seeing themselves on your big screens. Digital signs can also be used as informational displays, acting as another “employee” that answers customer questions and provides instruction on how to use your products.

They Build Brand Trust and Loyalty

The importance of brand consistency is well documented. Brands that have consistent branding across their locations are expected to earn 23% more in annual revenue than brands that aren’t consistent. And brands that maintain consistency across locations and platforms are 3.5 times more likely to enjoy brand visibility than those that don’t. The research is overwhelmingly clear: the more consistently you present your brand, the more customers associate a positive experience with it, come to trust it, and turn into repeat customers.

Businesses with multiple locations can create brand consistency through their digital signs. Raydiant makes this possible with our cloud-based interface that lets you create, schedule, and update your signs—whether you have two or two hundred in several locations—to create the same brand experience in all of your locations. This consistency creates loyal brand fans, who come to know that they can count on the same level of experience no matter which location they visit.

They Streamline Work Processes

From simplifying a restaurant’s ordering process to freeing up retail personnel’s time so they can help more customers, digital signs do it all. Used as digital menu boards, they save time and printing costs as they can be updated in minutes any time there’s a menu item or price change. Dayparting menus can be scheduled to automatically change at certain times of the day, saving staff time at busy lunch rush hours because they don’t have to move heavy menu boards. Wayfinding and informational signage answers customer questions immediately, directing them on where to go and how to use your products (freeing up staff to help more customers).

Looking to maintain a live events calendar so customers can see what in-store events and promotions you’re offering? Raydiant easily syncs your digital signs to your Google calendar, letting you update your in-location signs instantly, whenever you need to make a change. Raydiant’s QR code generator also lets businesses offer contactless ordering and checkout, as customers can simply scan a QR code on a digital screen. And instead of having to manually DJ your own background music, or stopping what you’re doing to turn off a repetitive track, Raydiant offers a music app that automatically generates fresh music playlists that match your brand and vibe. With over 50 million songs to choose from, your customers will never get bored—and since they’re all licensed for business use, you won’t have to worry about paying extra for music licensing.

They Bring Attention to Important Messages

Emergency alerts, public health announcements, and other important messages are made 400% more visible with digital signs. That is why hospitals, hotels, universities, and all types of businesses use Raydiant screens to communicate to the public and their staff. What better way to push out an important announcement or alert than with a system that you can access from any device, and one that updates all screens (no matter their location) in seconds?

Digital signs have become that much more vital since the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses want to ensure their customers and staff are informed of their sanitization process and frequency as well as special hours and services they are offering (or limiting) due to the pandemic. Raydiant signs are the best way to communicate these messages.