Video Analysis Software

What is a Video Analysis software?

A video analysis software is a user program that is installed on surveillance cameras to review video footage that has already been captured. It evaluates the visual coverage into fine details that are crucial to the user. The technician in charge of a place like a business premise sets specific parameters that the Video Analytics Software will analyze. For instance, in a supermarket, you may set detection of strange movements of customers that would suggest shoplifting and unusual engagement with a cashier. The analytics software can be used for facial recognition, motion detection, queue monitoring, reading license plate, and unlimited personalized suggestions.

What is a Video Analysis software?

This is an incredible innovation that detects digital images of human faces and analyzes intensive data according to various algorithms. It starts with face detection which searches the human eyes first then the other parts of the facial region – eyebrows, cheek, nose, and mouth. The next level is face detection whereby the face image is transmitted to the facial recognition system. The system instantly matches that particular face against millions of digital photos to establish the identity of the person. This technology is very useful currently for security alerts at stadiums, shopping centers, airports, and other busy premises. Photographers extend this technology to smile detection in order to take excellent photographs. As a marketer, you may also apply face detection or face analysis technology to analyze data on age and gender of prospects.

What can Video Content Analysis software be used for?

Many different capabilities can be implemented in Video Content Analysis, some of them are as follows:

Motion detection:

Video Motion Detection is one of the simpler forms of video analysis where motion is detected with regard to a fixed background scene. The region of interest can be set in the software for implementing analysis for a specific area.

People/ Object Counter:

This is an ability to count the number of people/object pass through a defined region in the camera’s field of view.

Image Content Analysis:

This refers to how you demystify the video image. The Video Content Analysis Software extracts data regarding the subject of the image, the exact time, the appearance of the scene, and the conditions of the images. When you use intelligent video like that recorded by CCTV cameras it automates biometric and physical traits which are easily examined. Institutions like schools and hospitals benefit a lot from image content analyses to process complex data of individuals.


It is an ability of the video analysis software algorithm to overlay heat maps on the video in a defined area of the camera’s view. The data analyzed by the software will provide information on varying density of the object/people within the camera’s field of view in a given time interval.

Forensic Video Analysis

This term refers to the scientific process of analyzing surveillance videos for criminal investigation. This technology relies much on face recognition which helps to trace a culprit by their locations at different places prior to the crime, and the action at the crime scene. Intelligence experts use Video Analysis Software to systematically delve into the biometric and the environmental features of video images provided.

Why is Video Analysis software important?

Retail business today is quite complex and store owners face a lot of challenges in controlling theft and shrinkage and improving store operations which directly affect their profits. By gathering and analyzing data from video analysis software, retailers now have the ability to monitor, measure and manage what is impacting the customer experience in their stores.

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