Turn Your Brick-and-Mortar Store Into Your Most Lucrative Advertising Space

Digital advertising prices are skyrocketing across all platforms, from Facebook to LinkedIn to GoogleAds, you name it, and it is happening at rates close to 5x that of inflation.

The digital ad market is oversaturated with brands competing for ad space, driving up prices and leaving many smaller retail businesses unable to compete. As a result, retail marketers are refocusing their attention “offline” and back into the physical store, where they can leverage existing screens to market their products to customers. 

Brick-and-mortar has undergone a massive digital transformation over the last few years, focusing on immersive in-store experiences for the customer. As a result, most retailers have already invested in digital signage assets. According to a study, 70% of organizations currently have a digital transformation strategy or are working on one. Therefore, with the inventory already available, retailers can easily monetize their in-store audiences by using their venues as lucrative ad vehicles.   

4 Benefits of Using Your Store as an Advertising Vehicle vs. Online

  1. Easily reach target audiences in-store, meaning higher conversions.

  2. Display content as frequently as you’d like with no hefty CPM charges.    

  3. Marketing to customers through various in-store touchpoints increases sales by 30%

  4. Control and update content across all signage in every location, all with the click of a button. 

Google Analytics for The Physical Retail 

Measuring ad impact in-store has become very easy thanks to technologies such as experience management platforms. Our AI-powered analytics integrated with digital signage analyzes customers anonymously and unobtrusively when viewing on-screen content. We’ll provide insights into attention spans, dwell times, customer demographics, and more. View the table below to see how retailers and brands can measure audiences with the same level of precision as online. 

In-store AD Measurement Metrics vs Online

Turn Your Brick-and-Mortar Stores Into Your Most Lucrative Ad Space

Brick-and-mortar AD insights like those detailed above can be used not only for analysis of in-house ads but can be used as a bargaining tool when selling ad space to third party advertisers or brands who already have their products in-store. Having data to prove the value of your retail media network is a sure way to increase brand interest and maximize your digital asset ROI. 

More Bang For Your Advertising Buck 

The store as a media channel is a concept that is taking off not only because it is lucrative but because tracking ROI is simple and easy. Data granularity in physical retail has revolutionized brick-and-mortar stores, offering businesses the same insights and audience research capabilities as the online world for a fraction of the price. While advertising online is still undoubtedly very beneficial, having access to in-store ad inventory means retailers can adopt an omnichannel approach to advertising, distributing their marketing budgets across mediums and seeing their ad dollars go further.  

The Future is Here

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to get started with in-store advertisement is with RaydiantTV. With this recent release, businesses will soon have a way to monetize ad space while playing streaming content on any of their devices. Stores can offer in-store promotions, limited time deals, or display ads for other local businesses. This is a unique way for retailers to monetize their ad space while still displaying engaging, dynamic content for in-store shoppers. 

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