Top 15 Podcasts to Keep a Pulse on the Future of Retail

Love to keep up with retail trends but don’t have time for whitepapers?

Don’t worry. Thanks to podcasts, you can keep up with all the latest in retail while you drive, exercise, or wait for your next meeting to start. Check out this list of the top retail podcasts to catch this year:

The Backroom With Retail Dive

Not just an online publication, Retail Dive offers a great and ongoing selection of podcast episodes to help retailers of all sizes and industries stay ahead of the game. From interesting stories like the fall of the final Blockbuster to big news about tariffs and sales trends, this is a can’t-miss resource for anyone serious about retail success.

The Modern Retail Podcast

Hosted by digital media and marketing authority Digiday, The Modern Retail Podcast sets its sights on the direct-to-consumer landscape with a no-nonsense approach. Hosted by managing director of editorial products Shareen Pathak, this podcast brings in heavy hitters from several industries to discuss the realities, challenges, and opportunities of the retail space. Guests cover tough topics and interesting trends to give listeners all the tools they need to think for themselves.

Rethink Retail

With regular “Retail Rundowns,” lovers of retail news can’t afford to miss this one. Rethink Retail keeps up a steady stream of useful, engaging content to provide clarity on how the movers and shakers of retail see the industry evolving from the top. For everything from hiring to investing to sales logistics, put this one at the top of your queue.

Retail Gets Real

Put on by the National Retail Federation, Retail Gets Real gives retail professionals and company owners information directly from the source. Covering impactful policies, trends, and technology changes, with a backlog of more than 150 episodes, this podcast has plenty to offer for new entrants and old experts alike.

Total Retail Talk

Another podcast with a deep catalogue, Total Retail Talks acts as the audio arm for popular retail industry publication Total Retail. Big names from the biggest brands regularly grace the show to share their stories and insights about how their companies survived the tough times and took advantage of opportunities. Everyone from enterprise data junkies to mom-and-pop shop owners can find something to love here.

Retail Focus Podcast

Exploring both modern trends and historical perspectives, the Retail Focus Podcast creates content suitable for a variety of retail audiences. Weekly episodes feature interviews, news, and behind-the-scenes looks at some of the biggest players in retail. The hosts also make regular deep dives into the financial side of retail for listeners who want to know more about the hard numbers of success.

Real Retail TV

Available in both podcast and video format for listeners and viewers, Real Retail TV provides regular insights from Bob Negan of WhizBang! Retail Training. Negan explores sensitive topics including holiday returns, customer longevity, and personal development to help retailers big and small understand the challenges they face and the best solutions available.

Retail Redeveloped

Hosted by retail and real estate guru Alex Williams, Retail Redeveloped covers both the customer-facing and back-end stories in the retail world. Whether you want to hear more about why a company rebranded or what to expect next in retail technology, Williams has plenty of episodes full of great content to consume. Keep up with guests, important stories, and hard truths on this podcast’s weekly releases.

Omni Talk

Chris Walton and Anne Mezzenga, founders of Red Archer Retail and owners of the Omni Talk Blog, speak quickly and with authority on this show about the biggest issues in retail today. Frequent interviews with the stars of the retail world open the curtain for listeners to get a sneak peek at the trends and technologies in retail’s future. Check out the “Fast Five” segments to get rundowns and reactions on the latest in retail news.

The Commerce Marketer Podcast

Retail success isn’t limited to what happens in the store. The Commerce Marketer Podcast brings in experts from around the retail world to talk about subjects ranging from email marketing to branding strategy. Podcast guests include founders and decision-makers at major brands to help listeners learn how to navigate the trickiest situations with ease.

Artificial Intelligence in Industry With Daniel Faggella

Though not retail-exclusive, Artificial Intelligence with Daniel Faggella provides the in-depth coverage of AI that retail business owners need. Exploring retail, healthcare, banking, defense, and other industries, Faggella takes an honest look at AI’s potential, realities, and limitations to give listeners an accurate assessment of how AI could make a difference. Even for the technologically disinclined, this podcast provides a wealth of information on how to leverage new tools successfully.

The Loose Threads Podcast

Named one of Fast Company’s 10 Best Business Podcasts, The Loose Threads Podcast gets into the weeds to discover how some of the best rising brands in retail beat the odds. Engaging and inspiring, this podcast covers both online and offline retail to get an honest look at what works in retail today (and what doesn’t).

The Retail Exchange

Love original research? The Retail Exchange has you covered. The final episodes of 2019 provided an in-depth look at a special report on the future of all things retail, breaking down some of the biggest questions and challenges retailers will face over the next 10 years. Look into the back catalogue to find stories about the major brands, events, conferences, and stories shaping the future of retail success.

Talking Shop: The Music Retail Podcast

Donovan Bankhead hosts The Music Retail Podcast, which covers everything music retailers need to know about the state of the industry and what shoppers want. Bankhead hosts a variety of guests to appeal to small and medium retailers in the music business. While the podcast technically focuses on just one industry, all smaller retailers could pick up some helpful tips from the experts on this show.

Retail Ramble

With a focus on technology and customer experience, Retail Ramble may be one of the most important listens for retailers in 2020. Filled with stories of success, failure, and everything in between, Retail Ramble consistently challenges the status quo and invites listeners to do the same. As the podcast arm of successful retail publication Essential Retail, this show guarantees expertise with every listen.

Podcast popularity continues to skyrocket, so while these may be the best on the market today, don’t sleep on others that will throw their hats in the ring this year and beyond. Keep listening, reading, and watching to keep your finger on the pulse of the retail world.