What Our Partnership with Taphunter Means for Breweries and Beer Lovers

Last year, craft beer accounted for nearly a quarter of the entire US retail beer market.

And with nearly 40% of Americans alcohol drinkers saying that beer is their first choice, it’s no wonder that breweries from craft to micro are increasingly popular in these last several years—and the upward trend isn’t stopping any time soon. As the number of beer experts and cicerones rival (or in some cases surpass) the number of wine connoisseurs out there, there is more demand for beer education from the masses. 

TapHunter is a digital menu technology that lets brewery, bar, and restaurant owners create their very own digital beer leaderboards. With TapHunter, you can list the nation’s or region’s best brews, ranked by number, and advertise those you have on tap for better sales. Here’s why this is a big deal.

It’s So Much More Than Taste

Beer lovers know that a brew is about more than its taste. They want to know all the details: aromatics, acidity, taste, textures, bitterness, alcohol content, and the list goes on. They want to know where the beer was brewed (what country, state, or region), the name of the brewery, and a description of its taste. A TapHunter leaderboard allows you to put all this info front and center, providing a customer experience that’s part educational, part advertising, and always tasty.

Designer, Customizable Leaderboards

Make your beer list as unique as your brewery, bar, or restaurant. Choose from multiple column and display templates. Choose the fonts and colors you like. Upload your logo and branded images, or choose from TapHunter’s thousands of high-quality images. Add as little or as much text as you like, keeping it simple with the beer name and ranking, or adding info like alcohol content, brief description, patron’s comments, and more. You get to decide how to present your leaderboard, and TapHunter offers several designer templates to choose from, and edit to your liking.

Easy-to-Update Beer Lists

Streamline your back-end processes by automating your beer leaderboards. The TapHunter app lets you make digitally managed leaderboards you can update instantly. Unlike chalkboard and print menu boards, this digital leaderboard only needs a few clicks to add a brew, update a price, or 86 an item on the list. Restaurant owners and managers have reported saving hours of time a week with these automated menu boards, which allow them to make instant changes that go live on screen in seconds. Think about all the time you and your staff will save—especially during rush hours, when its easier to make updates from your phone, tablet, or PC rather than making those changes manually on your chalkboard menu board.

Manage Leaderboards in Multiple Locations 

Running a chain of restaurants, or more than one location? Much like the Raydiant platform, TapHunter scales to your business, making it easy to manage leaderboards across locations. Simply log into Raydiant and access TapHunter from the Raydiant dashboard. Then, it takes seconds to change anything you like, and the system even lets you apply changes to individual leaderboards or all of them at once—across locations! That means you can change your beer leaderboards whether you’re behind the bar, on your couch at home, or on the road. 

Digital Menus for Better Sales and More Repeat Business

Digital signs, like TapHunter’s beer leaderboards, have proven to improve revenue and draw more foot traffic—including repeat visits. In one study, a restaurant saw a 33% sales increase after implementing digital signs. Another found that digital displays increased “impulse” buys by up to 70%. In fact, digital displays are so  impactful that, in one study, 68% of customers said they were influenced to buy by a store’s digital signs. In the restaurant industry specifically, digital signs and menus have caused an increase in promotional sales, and more drink and food orders. 

Chalkboard vs. Digital Leaderboard for Customer Experience

Hands down, customers prefer digital menus and beer leaderboards to chalkboards or print menus. For one, they’re easier to read, for a smoother ordering process that results in shorter wait times and more satisfied customers. Digital leaderboards are also more eye-catching—in fact they 400% more likely to be seen than static signs. Plus, with TapHunter leaderboards, you can upload high-res beer images that give customers a visual on what they’re ordering. (Example: the leaderboard might mention an amber ale, but the photo shows a dark amber hue that appeals more to the customer.)

Another compelling reason to use digital leaderboards? Studies show that they better engage customers, even decreasing their perceived wait time by 35%!

Raydiant and TapHunter: The Perfect Brew

If you’re one of our many restaurant customers, you’ve already experienced Raydiant’s time-saving, sales-boosting power. As one of the top customer-rated digital signage platforms on the market, we got there from consistently listening to customer feedback, and using it to regularly improve and upgrade our platform. We know how hard you restaurant owners and managers work to keep business moving and growing, all while keeping customer and staff happy. Raydiant’s digital signs and menu boards for bars & breweries put your best foot forward in a high-visual, highly engaging way. Our easy-to-use platform lets you create designer-level promotional screen content, and appetizing digital menu boards (complete with your own mouth-watering food images).

As part of our most recent platform upgrade, we’ve onboarded the TapHunter app specifically for creating the same gorgeous, attention-grabbing displays—now as beer leaderboards. Just like Raydiant, the TapHunter platform is managed from a secure cloud, and easy to access and update from any device, anywhere. Even better? Both Raydiant digital menu boards and TapHunter beer leaderboards can be created and updated from one, central place: the Raydiant dashboard.

Try Our TapHunter Integration Today

The TapHunter app is available as part of our In-Location Experience Platform, and is accessible from the Raydiant dashboard. Raydiant customers with a TapHunter subscription can use their Raydiant-enabled screens, at one or more of their locations, as beer leaderboards using TapHunter’s pre-designed and customizable templates.

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