How Taggbox Display Turns UGC-Powered Social Walls into Marketing Gold

Recently, we announced our partnership with social wall platform provider, Taggbox Display.

Now part of the Raydiant app marketplace, Taggbox Display lets businesses create compelling social media walls for their physical locations. The app integration enables them to aggregate user-generated content, or UGC, from multiple social media platforms, and turn it into marketing displays that drive in-store sales. Here’s why this integration means more money in your pocket, and a boost in brand awareness, for you.

The Influence of UGC and Social Proof

The marketing pull of UGC can’t be ignored. People trust other people more than brands, and if a bunch of customers are posting on social that they’re having the time of their lives with your product, it goes a long way. When you consider that 92% of people go to those they know for referrals, it makes sense. Would you be surprised to hear that UGC is almost 10x more impactful than influencer content? And customers trust it 2.4x more than branded content. It all comes down to social proof.

Social proof is the power of social influence. It means that if people see your customers using and enjoying your brand on social media and in real life, they’re more likely to trust—and buy from—you. Taggbox Display social walls work off this psychology, giving your in-location customers a chance to visualize using your products and services through compelling imagery and dynamic video content, all curated from your own—and your customer’s—social feeds (and without you lifting a finger).

Raydiant and Taggbox Display, Making Social Walls Smarter

Together, Taggbox Display and your Raydiant-enabled screens make social walls more accessible than ever. Both platforms are easy to navigate, and both give you full control over everything—from a secure cloud you can access anywhere.

When it comes to design, Taggbox Display social walls are very customizable. You can choose from a range of design themes, including those for different industries. Change colors, fonts, and backgrounds. Add banners, stickers, icons, logos, and branded content as you like.

Moderating your social walls is also easy with Taggbox Display. You can set the system to automatically filter out profanity and even outright block specific user accounts, hashtags, and whatever content you deem offensive or off brand. Or you can choose to manually manage and approve all content before it hits your screens. Either way, you’re only displaying content that makes your brand look good.

How Taggbox Display Works

Collect: Taggbox Display collects UGC across your social media platform through hashtags, handles, and other indicators you control.

Curate: Next, you get to customize your social wall’s design and content. Use themes, styles, and design tools to make your walls match your brand and aesthetic. Then use Taggbox Display’s advanced moderation tools, including profanity filters and the ability to filter or block specific words, user accounts, and more.

Get Rights: As an optional step, you can use Taggbox Display to get content rights from creators to use for your marketing campaigns.

Publish & Analyze: You’re ready to publish! Publish UGC on your social walls and other marketing touchpoints, like your website, email and ad campaigns, and shoppable social galleries. Once everything is in working order, Taggbox Display lets you analyze user data by tracking customer behavior on these touchpoints, so you know which campaigns are successful and which aren’t.

Taggbox Display for Retailers

Help customers fall in love with your brand with social walls that energize their in-store experience. It makes sense that top retailers like Apple, Ikea, and L’Oréal use Taggbox Display. They know that what sells customers isn’t a bunch of generic features and benefits: it’s the experience of using your products and services. Taggbox Display social walls give in-store customers the next best thing to trying your products for themselves: they get to watch other customers fall in love with your brand. And with that kind of marketing, they won’t be far behind.

Taggbox Display for Restaurants

You’ve heard that we eat with our eyes first. Turns out it’s true—why else would restaurateurs spend so much time and money curating food-porn level images of their dishes? Now you can push those delicious pictures to the big screen! The best part? You’re not the only one capturing mouth-watering pictures of your food—your customers are as well! So why not show off their UGC on your social walls to boost sales and customer engagement?

Taggbox Display for Events

Having trouble engaging your audience at corporate events and trade shows? Taggbox Display social walls are the trojan horses of audience engagement—they get inside people’s minds, catching their attention with bold visuals and dynamic UGC content. Want to live stream, or display social posts from attendees in real time—you can do that too! And since Taggbox Display is a responsive platform, it scales with your screen so your message is always loud and clear.

Taggbox Display for Workplaces 

For businesses looking to improve their employee experience, Raydiant’s Taggbox Display integration helps boost workplace communication and create camaraderie in the office. Use Taggbox Display social walls to share your company’s social posts to keep employees abreast of important announcements, industry stories, and market trends. Share positive customer testimonials so all can share in a job well done. Fill your social walls with employee-generated content so everyone can have a voice, learn about other team members, and build the trust needed for a successful work culture.

Taggbox Display for All Businesses

The fact is, any business can benefit from Taggbox Display social walls. Schools, universities, and educational organizations can use them to create awareness about important campus issues and events. Hospitals and healthcare settings can share social stories of patients getting the care they need. Hotels, resorts, and spas can use them to show a visual menu of the amenities and services they offer. These are just a few application examples. In reality, they are endless.

An Experience Platform Like No Other

Raydiant isn’t just a digital signage platform or a social wall provider—we’re an experience creator. Our entire, multifaceted system works with one goal in mind: to create a multidimensional experience that brings benefits, whether that’s more sales or better employee retention. We’re thrilled to add Taggbox Display to our Experience Platform. Access Taggbox Display—and our entire app marketplace—directly from the Raydiant dashboard. Learn more about Raydiant and Taggbox Display by booking a free demo.

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