The future is Raydiant…

Dear friends,

Our company started off in 2017 with a simple challenge—put business content onto a screen and make it easy to manage. In a few short years, we launched Raydiant (previously called Mira), and deployed it to thousands of businesses across the country, ranging from neighborhood coffee shops to sprawling fast food chains to complex enterprises.

As we approach 2020, the line between pixels and bricks has become blurrier than ever. Huge enterprises have spent billions of dollars to transform their stores with digital signage, and hundreds of millions more to make them intelligent. The chasm between forward-thinking businesses and the rest has become the difference between success and stagnancy. And the opportunity for tech-enabled brick-and-mortar experiences has been growing faster than ever.

Against this backdrop, I’m excited to announce that I have joined Raydiant as CEO. As the COO of Revel Systems, I got to work with brick-and-mortar restaurants and retail stores every day, and alongside an incredibly talented team, was able to help 25,000 businesses transform the way they operate. I was attracted to Raydiant’s audacious vision, product, and team and am looking forward to leading the company in the years to come.

I am also delighted to announce that Raydiant has raised $7M in new capital, led by 8VC. This investment will help Raydiant lead the charge by supercharging our growth and allowing us to engineer the next chapter of brick-and-mortar experiences. As we enter a world of touch screens, multi-engagement ordering paths and virtual attendants, Raydiant is building the platform to connect to the many touchpoints customers have with technology throughout the physical business—from screen, to sound, to touch, to the Internet, and more. We will increasingly offer the level of interaction, personalization, and customization that you would see online, but in your brick-and-mortar environment.

Critical to our success is our partner and app ecosystem. Working together with our partners, Raydiant offers videoconferencing (via BlueJeans Network), in-store music (via Soundtrack Your Brand), dynamic menus (via SinglePlatform), and drag-and-drop presentations (via PosterMyWall). These partnerships already make us the most robust offering on the market—and we’re just getting started. Stay tuned for new app partnerships in the near future.

The future is now.
The future is bright.
The future is Raydiant… and on behalf of the entire business, I’m excited to be a part of it.


Bobby Marhamat