Raydiant Drives 87% Sales Lift On Average

We work hand-in-hand with our clients from development, to deployment, to campaign management, with the mission of driving sales by improving the shopper experience. As part of our partnership, we always measure sales lift comparing test stores against a control store group. With a strict methodology, our partners can justify technology investments with clear sale lift and ROI data.

We have been working with Hannaford and Unilever to show the power of providing the right product message at the right time to engage shoppers and drive conversion. We are pleased to report that over 6 months from August 2020 to February 2021, Raydiant’s smart shelf saw 188%-365% sales lift compared to those same products in comparable stores without Perch!!! Obviously, those results are groundbreaking and well above our general guidance of 30-80% sales lift in mass retail. So we have updated our sales lift and case study diagram because we are so proud! See the tallest arrow below.

Our deployments generate an average ROI of 422%, average sales lift of 87%, and 28.5 seconds average engagement time across a plethora of categories. So what can we learn about this specific implementation and why it was successful:

  1. Raydiant works very well in beauty generally, but especially so in products that require education such as skincare and new product launches like Love Beauty Planet from Unilever.

  2. Digital content is extremely relevant even in the fast-moving consumer goods category such as grocery

  3. Even a 24” screen can have an outsized impact if it is placed centrally and provides contextually relevant content i.e. “lift and learn” (we often deploy 32” screens for end caps for example).

  4. Traditional merchandising mantras such as maximizing facings can be dead wrong, with the centrally located print signage complementing the dynamic digital screens

  5. Cross-sell and related product suggestions help increase basket size.

Skincare continues to be one of the most hotly contested spaces in the beauty industry. Using Raydiant's Product Engagement Marketing Platform and Shopper Marketing Cloud, retailers can engage and educate shoppers and cross-promote omnichannel apps and offerings, brands can capture market share and get outsized ROIs from in-store digital campaigns, and shoppers connect with and become more confident in the products they buy and in-turn buy more in-store. It’s a win-win-win.

Do you want to see 30-188% sales lifts in-store? Let’s talk and we can show you how to deploy, measure, improve and scale your in-store digital and shopper marketing strategy. Book a demo to learn more.