Show Your Team Spirit with ScoreStream and Raydiant Scoreboards

According to the latest research, 57% of high school students played on at least one school or local sports team in 2019. That number is forecasted to increase to 63% by 2030. And despite the pandemic, local sports from high school and college teams to community leagues are more popular than ever.

Raydiant’s new partnership with ScoreStream seeks to support this trend, and give sports fans everywhere a more interactive game experience they’ll cheer for. Here’s a bit more about ScoreStream and how it’s revolutionizing the high school, college, and even national sports fan experience.

What is ScoreStream?

ScoreStream is a real-time, fan-driven game experience. Live game scoreboards are created by plugging in a Raydiant ScreenRay device into any TV. It sets up in seconds, and team and school leaders can then customize their scoreboard with their team colors and branding—all on the ScoreStream app, now available on the Raydiant dashboard. Fans can also use the ScoreStream mobile app before, during, and after a game to share photos and videos of their favorite moments, and push them live to ScoreStream scoreboards and the team’s social media accounts. They can also chat with other fans, cheer on their team, and share live scores and highlights with friends not at the game. And since the ScoreStream app supports all the major sports games (football, basketball, baseball, softball, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, water polo, and more on the way), it’s all set up and ready to go. 

How ScoreStream Changes the Way We Watch Sports

We are living in an era of personalization—and the sports world is no different. Just like customers who seek out brands that tailor their experience to their customers’ needs, sports fans want to get more involved in the game—and support their team in a more hands-on way. Interestingly, only about 20% of fans will watch a game at a live venue—that means that 80% of fans are missing out on the energy of the crowd, and being part of the collective cheer whenever there’s a score or a big win. ScoreStream leverages this at-the-game excitement, helping bridge the gap between fans at the game and those checking the score on their smartphone, or watching from their local sports bar. Chatting with fans at the game, seeing candid shots of their favorite players and their plays in real time gives them a sense of personalization. They’re still a loyal fan, still part of the game, and still know the latest score and play-by-play. This is the kind of energy that bolsters fan loyalty and keeps fans connected and engaged. 

Why Schools and Team Managers Love ScoreStream

Local sports leaders love ScoreStream, not only because it drives fan engagement, but it saves them time. Instead of having to keep their website and all their social sites up to date with the latest score, and post the photos and videos at-home fans want to see, ScoreStream does it all for them automatically. The app integrates with all popular social media feeds, and includes online widgets, so team leaders can update the score in one place—and from their smartphone—and it automatically updates everywhere. Plus, they get free media coverage from their fans, who are busy posting photos and videos of the game. Media and news outlets can also use the app to cover the game, so all that school staff and team managers need to do is focus on winning. 

Why Sports Fans Love ScoreStream

Imagine connecting with local and national fans as you watch your favorite team play. Enjoy play-by-play commentaries from those at the game, and share your own when you watch a game live. Sports games are real time, so fans want that same real-time experience, whether they’re at the game or on their couch. Plus, they get to have their say, posting congratulations messaging, shouting out their kids, family members, and friends that are playing, and just being a part of the excitement as it happens. And with ScoreStream, fans don’t have to skip a game—they can keep track of all the local games they like, all at once. 

How Raydiant and ScoreStream Work Together

Raydiant’s plug-and-play digital signage system gives you an instant ScoreStream gameboard. Simply plug our ScreenRay device into your TV’s HDMI port, follow the on-screen setup prompts, and it’s ready to go in a few minutes. As part of Raydiant’s large app marketplace, the ScoreStream app is accessed and managed via Raydiant’s intuitive dashboard. Use ScoreStream to customize your scoreboard design, post real-time score updates, and add content. And, since both Raydiant and ScoreStream are web-based platforms, you can manage your scoreboards and signage from any device, anywhere, with screen updates that go live in seconds. 

Raydiant Apps for the Win! 

ScoreStream is a dream app for local sports lovers. But the Raydiant app marketplace also contains dozens of other apps that team managers, schools, and business leaders can use to increase engagement and streamline their day-to-day tasks. 

Barvanna is a Raydiant app integration that offers a streaming sports, games, and entertainment network made for restaurants, bars, and lounges. It offers sports videos, trivia, and games to entertain and engage patrons as they dine, and is proven to increase foot traffic, dwell time, and sales. 

Toast is a Raydiant POS integration designed for restaurants who want to streamline the management of multiple services—dine in, take out, delivery, curbside, touchless, etc.—all while automating their digital menu boards. The all-in-one system creates a closed-loop POS system that includes order and inventory management and digital menus that update with each POS transaction. This exciting app integration gives busy restaurateurs a centralized management system that automates their back-end workflows, saving them and their staff time, and providing a better customer experience. 

Tyme is Raydiant’s self-service kiosk app for brick and mortars. Through dynamic interactive displays, Tyme lets brick and mortars provide convenient, self-guided ordering and checkout options to in-location customers. Through these displays, they can push promotions, educate customers about products and services, and offer a personalized, self-guided customer experience. 

Curious to learn more about these and other apps offered in the Raydiant app marketplace?

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