How Raydiant and Tyme are Transforming the Interactive In-Store Experience

Self-service kiosks aren’t going anywhere—in fact, they’re on the rise across industries as an increasingly popular in-store technology. Retailers, restaurants, hotels, and other in-location businesses are using it to merge their online and in-store experience, and using these interactive displays to make the buyer’s journey more seamless and memorable. 

Raydiant recently joined forces with digital platform provider, Tyme, to create an interactive in-store kiosk like no other. Instead of using one kiosk as an interactive marketing tool and another as a self-service station, Tyme gives you the option of doing either, or both. Here’s what the customizable Tyme kiosk can do for your business.  

The Continued Rise of the In-Store Kiosk

As COVID-19 slowly wanes and things are going back to a semblance of “normal,” one thing remains the same: the popularity of in-store technology. From digitally guiding customers through a product’s features and benefits to offering the convenience of “at-a-click” ordering and paying, kiosks have moved from novelty to necessity for brick and mortars. This is proven by recent research: retailers who use in-store kiosks can expect up to 32% more revenue and 33% more foot traffic than those that don’t. And according to the National Retail Federation, 80% of customers say that retail kiosks improve their shopping experience, with 70% of customers saying they’re more likely to be loyal to brands that offer them.

Interactive screens are a highly engaging way to connect with in-store shoppers, especially when you don’t have the time or manpower needed to make each customer experience a personalized one. Using this modern technology also lets your customers know you’re a forward-thinking business that uses cutting-edge tools to serve them. In this digital world, people are used to learning, shopping, and buying with a few clicks. In-store kiosks operate with this same psychology to help customers create meaningful connections with your brand.

A Kiosk Customized to Your Business 

What’s different about Tyme, when compared to other kiosks, is that it allows you to customize it based on your in-location needs. Say, for example, you’re a sporting goods retailer who wants to add a kiosk to help customers choose the right pair of swimming goggles or camping tent—guide them through their options with an interactive display. Or maybe you’re a restaurant that wants to use a kiosk to help diners pair a particular wine with their meal. Perhaps you’re a busy fast-casual restaurant looking to offer self-service options to thin the lines and get customers in and out more efficiently during your lunch rush. 

Tyme puts you in the driver’s seat, so you can create the kiosk that best serves you. Need both marketing and self-service help? Tyme kiosks can be configured to do both, so you can switch between functions, as necessary. Regardless of their function, in-store kiosks will improve your customer service by assisting customers at one or multiple touchpoints on their buying journey. 

Tyme for Retailers 

In the past few years, retailers of all sizes—from big box to boutique—have added in-store kiosks to improve their customer experience, and their sales. Tyme kiosks can be used to drive sales through interactive promotional displays, or provide a convenient self-service station for customers who don’t like to browse or wait in line. For retailers who want both, Tyme kiosks can also be customized for both marketing and self-checkout uses, allowing retailers to switch between the two depending on their needs. 

How does Tyme help retailers? It helps them process orders and check out customers more efficiently, meaning they can use personnel more efficiently and shorten checkout lines. It streamlines curbside services, promotes products and services more effectively, and gives shoppers a way to browse and buy at their own pace (meaning fewer returns and exchanges). There’s a reason why big retailers like Target are using more interactive kiosks in their stores: they improve the in-store experience, engage customers, and boost sales.

Tyme for Restaurants 

In a world where people eat with their eyes, every visual counts. An interactive kiosk gives diners another place to stop and drool over your best food images. On top of that, customers can visually browse your menu items, and make add-on orders at their whim and discretion. (After all, it’s much easier ordering that third glass of wine or second piece of cake from a screen rather than a person who might judge you!) 

Tyme kiosks can be used for dine-in, takeout, and curbside orders—streamlining each for a more seamless back-of-house process. Upselling and cross-selling is easy with these dynamic self-guided displays. Reduced ordering and wait times also means a faster table turnaround for you—meaning extra revenue in your pocket without sacrificing customer service. And from your customer’s perspective, a kiosk is an exciting way to learn about new menu items, happy hours, and special events, and a convenient option for ordering and paying without waiting in line. 

Tyme for All Businesses 

You don’t have to be a restaurant or retailer to enjoy the benefits of a Tyme kiosk. Interactive kiosks are popping up everywhere: from airports and hotels to sporting events and supermarkets. There’s no denying their popularity, as the self-service market was valued at $28 billion last year, and is forecasted to reach $68 billion by 2026. No matter the industry, kiosks are effective ways to connect with customers wherever they are. From helping them find their seat at a stadium to helping them find the right shade of lipstick at a makeup counter, an interactive kiosk is always there to help your customers with personalized, convenient service. 

How Can Tyme Help Your Business? 

Now part of the Raydiant app library, Tyme is available to brick-and-mortar businesses looking for more ways to engage and service their in-store customers. The Tyme app, available from the Raydiant dashboard, can be used to create customized interactive and/or self-service kiosks along with any Raydiant-enabled touchscreen. Floor-standing and countertop kiosk stations are also available as additional purchase options through Raydiant.

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