Raydiant’s Partnership with Square is Major Milestone for Restaurants and Retailers

Raydiant’s partnership with Square is official! The partnership between the in-location experience platform and the point-of-sale (POS) and merchant services provider represents a major milestone for the restaurant and retail industries.

This partnership integrates Square’s POS system with self-service kiosks, digital menus, and back-of-house processes. What does this mean? 

“This will be the first time brick-and-mortars can truly shift their focus from operations to hospitality,” says Bobby Marhamat, Raydiant’s CEO. 

Keep customers happy, employees engaged, and operations efficient. Here’s how.

Digital menus that delight

Integrating Raydiant’s digital menus app with Square allows merchants to create menus that reflect real-time changes. Now, you can use POS data to update item availability automatically. Customers know exactly when something is out of stock, and employees don’t need to spend time manually editing the menu.

Multiple locations? No problem. The Raydiant Experience Platform makes it easy to manage numerous stores through a single online dashboard. Display location-specific prices, and modify pricing across multiple locations in seconds. Schedule menu boards to display breakfast, lunch, and dinner items at the appropriate times in accordance with local time zones.

The app comes with 17 different themes or a build-your-own option. Create a custom theme by choosing unique colors and fonts. Consumers can also customize how they want to view the menu, selecting items by category and electing to display or hide product details.


Engage employees and boost sales

Workplace gamification is a great way to motivate employees, up productivity, and increase profits. Raydiant’s recognition platform and the Square POS system quickly transform data into engaging contests, games, and other forms of friendly competition. Track sales by employee, sales by location, and other metrics to reward high performers.

Let’s say you want to prioritize selling a specific product. Through Raydiant’s platform, set up employee contests to see who can sell the most of that item in one month. Square’s POS system will track each sale while Raydiant uses the data to power a live leaderboard, further motivating employees. At the end of the month, you can use the data to determine a winner (or winners), who can then use points earned to redeem rewards.

Engaged employees result in increased profits, lower turnover, and better customer service. Ultimately, happy employees are good for business.


Self-service kiosks: convenience is served

Reduce staff overhead and give customers a seamless checkout experience with self-service kiosks. Overall, consumers prefer a contactless experience: 85% of consumers believe self-service checkout is faster than checking out with a cashier. With our integration to Square, item availability and pricing changes made in Square are updated on kiosks near real time. These updates streamline the checkout process, making customers happier and more likely to choose your business.

Self-service kiosks allow customers to browse and order at their own pace, which creates opportunities to upsell and frees up front-of-house employees so you can optimize staff and distribute your workforce more effectively. Restaurant wait staff can spend more time serving customers instead of going from table to table taking orders and delivering checks. Retail workers can focus on organizing inventory rather than ringing people up.

Combining self-service kiosks and POS data creates a powerful solution that delights customers, provides up-to-date information, and makes your business more efficient.

Work smarter, not harder

Easily manage operations across multiple locations and make your business more efficient with the new Raydiant & Square partnership. Leverage POS data to make real-time inventory and pricing updates, streamline your workforce, and motivate your employees. Check out our marketplace to learn more.