Raydiant Partners with SkySlate

Display Dynamic Signs on Rugged Outdoor Screens

Taking your business to the next level often requires out-of-the-box thinking. And sometimes that means getting out of a literal box of a building! But who wants to constantly create and change traditional outdoor signs all the time to promote their business or their menu? 

The wait is over! 

You asked and we delivered. Customers have been asking us how they can implement Raydiant technology with their outdoor spaces for a better all around in-location experience. Our new partnership is a great solution! 

Raydiant’s newest partnership with SkySlate helps you get out of that box with dynamic signs that are fully rugged and ready for the outdoors. So whether you want to attract customers into your retail store with signs outside your shop, or you want to hit the open road with your food truck, you can have engaging signs and menus impervious to the elements.

Versatile Experience

Now, the customer experience can be seamless from indoor to outdoor, from socially-distanced to in your face. Your customers can get a stellar customer experience and instantly understand all the must-knows about how to maximize their time in your business with our SkySlate partnership. Less questions, but more answers. Less confusion, more conversion. Less frustration, but more fun. When customers get the info they need, they get more out of the experience. When technology can move customers along further in a great experience, your staff has more time to do what they do best! 

Get Some Fresh Air!

We’ve seen in the last year how open-air restaurants, markets, and gatherings in general have increased dramatically. Our world was already making this shift to embracing good old fresh air in the past and the pandemic only increased the need. Now your business doesn’t need to be limited to a static message. You can take the power of Raydiant to outdoor patios, farmers markets, restaurants, sporting events, concerts, and more. The possibilities are quite literally as big as the sky. 

The Problem with Traditional Outdoor Signs 

Traditional outdoor signs can only take your business so far. We’ve seen how traditional signage has significant limits. That’s what propelled us at Raydiant to build out custom, organic signage that can truly be customized for your audience. Traditional, static signage hits some clear limits:

  • It’s time consuming: creating printed signs and menus can take time away from running your business 

  • It’s costly: each time you want to change your sign, you have to pay to print a new one

  • They experience wear and tear: exposure to the elements can damage traditional signs

The Solution: Dynamic, Rugged Digital Signs

With Raydiant + SkySlate, you can display customized digital signage on fully rugged outdoor screens. Gone are the days of worrying about the outdoor elements. Now you can get out of that literal box and begin displaying engaging signs and menus indoors or outdoors.  

Digital signs go beyond the limitations of traditional signs, allowing you to easily change up your signs anytime you need and give you the opportunity to display dynamic content, like videos. Digital signs are eye-catching, more informative, boost brand awareness and create a positive in-location experience for your customers. 

Save Time and Money

Running a business is already hard enough. You don’t need to be wasting time designing expensive traditional signs. These outdoor signs work just like any other Raydiant screen! Simply log in to your Raydiant account and create your own design easily or choose to customize one of our many templates. Then let your outdoor screen do the rest of the work while you get back to the other aspects of your business. 

Attract Customers and More Profit with Engaging Outdoor Displays

Digital signs are no doubt more pleasing to look at but they are also more effective. In fact, the data shows that digital signage helps increase foot traffic by nearly 33 percent. But digital signage doesn’t just help get people in the door or up to the ordering window. Digital signage also helps increase overall profit. The numbers don’t lie–nearly 70% of customers were influenced to make a purchase because of a business’ digital signs. Now with outdoor digital signs, you can get a competitive edge on your competition, drawing more customers to your business from outside. 

Create Customized and Tantalizing Menus

Raydiant allows you to easily create custom menus complete with photos of your food to tantalize taste buds. Have a daily special? You can easily change up your menu to display today’s special, making updates a breeze. And now your digital menus won’t mind the actual breeze as well. These outdoor rugged signs can be mounted in your outdoor dining area or to your food truck and you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged. 

Change Your Screens Remotely Anytime, Anywhere

Want to update your digital outdoor sign? Raydiant’s platform allows you to change your screens up anytime and from anywhere. Our platform is managed in a secure cloud, accessible from any device with internet. So whether you’re at your store or working from home, you’ll have full access to change your signs up, giving your customers dynamic and up-to-date content. 

How Does SkySlate Work?

SkySlate is an innovative technology company providing simple, yet state-of-the-art, interior and exterior LED signage solutions. They’ve perfected the outdoor application for digital signage. From billboards, to street signs, to tv displays and more, SkySlate focuses on signage that can stand up to the elements. At the same time, they deliver on crisp, clear graphics compared to the old school displays. 

SkySlate and Raydiant combined is a natural fit. We’ve seen time and time again, how customers want to extend in-location experience to their outdoor environments. Now businesses and organizations don’t need to be limited to a stellar customer experience just indoors. With so many experiences now maximizing on the outdoor, open-air space, you can make sure your customers get a stellar experience anywhere they interact with your brand. 

Take it for a Spin

Ready to take your signs to the next level? Schedule a demo today to learn more about Raydiant + SkySlate and what outdoor digital signs can do for you. 

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