Raydiant Partners with Retail Aware

The pandemic completely changed the way we all shop for good. Amidst the chaos of 2020, brick-and-mortar retailers were forced to deal with employee layoffs, store shutdowns and closures, bottoming out profits, and complete disruption to the supply chain.

“The pandemic will forever alter the brick-and-mortar landscape…The major blow to retailers that came from the pandemic’s forced closure of stores last spring lessened somewhat throughout the year as stores reopened, but long-term changes to the retail landscape are inevitable,” explains RetailDive.

But now, after surviving the turmoil of 2020, brick-and-mortar retail shops are ready to thrive and boost their bottom lines once again. 

Our new partnership

In order to help more retailers succeed in today’s competitive environment Raydiant has just launched a brand new partnership with Retail Aware. Retail Aware is a Business Intelligence as a Service (BiaaS) solution that measures consumer behavior and retail execution in real-time.

“In our quest to help retailers thrive by providing them with the tools they need to create an experience that shoppers love, we are thrilled to be partnering with in-store shopper behavior data analytics solution, Retail Aware,” Bobby Marhamat, CEO of Raydiant said. “In the competitive world of retail it’s often a struggle for retailers to remain top of mind to shoppers, which is why we make it our duty to do everything we can to help retailers succeed and this partnership is just another step in achieving that goal.”

Now, let’s dive into how Retail Aware can help retailers learn more about in-store shopper behavior and use that data to improve the customer experience and the bottom line.

The problem

Savvy retailers know the power of tracking and analyzing shopper behavior and habits. By measuring a consumer’s habits, retailers can gain invaluable insights about:

  • Overall traffic – how many people are visiting your location?

  • Customer engagement – how do shoppers interact with your products?

  • Duration of a customer’s visit – how long does the average customer stay in your store?

But for brick-and-mortar retailers, tracking and measuring in-store shoppers’ behavior can feel impossible.

To start, how do you monitor shopper behavior without intrusive cameras? Then, there’s the issue of complex, overly complicated apps and systems that create more headache than offer help.

That’s where Retail Aware comes in.

The Solution: Shopper Behavior, at the Shelf Level

Retail Aware was founded with the mission to bring in-store shopper behavior data to brands, retailers, and their partners in real-time.

Without the use of cameras or complicated apps, Retail Aware uses simple, retail-friendly sensors that can be attached to any shelf or product display to reveal in-store shopper behavior. Data streams are captured in real-time to a secure cloud via mobile data or WIFI.

Retail Aware’s unparalleled data collection helps brands to identify core information about stores and in-store shopper behavior, including:

  • The levels of items in stock

  • Quantifying foot traffic trends

  • Customer engagement trends

  • Opportunities to optimize merchandising

  • Ways to drive ROI of trade and field marketing initiatives

Even better? You can set up Retail Aware in 3 easy steps.

How Retail Aware Works:

  1. Add – Retail Aware works with you (or your partners) to integrate the simple sensors into displays, shelves, or other areas you want to measure data.

  2. Plug – Plug the credit-card sized hub into any nearby outlets, USBs, or Quick Connect Lights.These micro sensors are wireless battery powered or wired to the hub.

  3. Collect – That’s it! Now data streams will be captured in real-time to a secure cloud via mobile data or WIFI.

How Retail Aware Maximizes Your Budget

In addition to helping retailers collect real-time data on in-store shoppers, Retail Aware offers another huge benefit to stores. Maximizing your digital budgets.

By offering a simple, turnkey solution to help stores track and monitor in-store shopper behavior, Retail Aware can help maximize retailer’s digital budgets by:

  • Optimizing digital marketing efforts

  • Retarget store visitors

  • Boost your signage impact

  • Analyze the competition

For retailers, this kind of information can help brands optimize their digital budget in several important ways.

First, Retail Aware can help maximize the efforts of your digital marketing campaigns. By analyzing the efficiency of digital ads, Retail Aware can help to drive overall traffic to a store and optimize the investment of a campaign, by crafting options to narrow and target ads and audiences.

Additionally, Retail Aware helps stores to understand how to re-target shoppers that have visited your product, in-stores.

Retail Aware also helps to measure the immediate promotional effectiveness of physical signage or product displays.

Finally, Retail Aware amps up the ROI of a store’s digital marketing budget by helping brands understand how their competitors’ target their audiences through ads. By offering insights into broad regional data, or more specific location data, Retail Aware is a simple, turnkey solution that helps brick-and-mortars outperform their competitors.

Helping Retailers Succeed

At Raydiant, we’re always on the hunt for the absolute best tools that can help brick-and-mortar stores succeed. Retail Aware is one of those tools. Retail Aware empowers retailers to make smarter, faster decisions, backed by real-time data, to improve campaign metrics, increase sales, monitor stockouts, and ensure execution, all from an easy-to-read dashboard.

Through this new partnership with another solutions provider that is also dedicated to helping retailers succeed in today’s ultra-competitive environment, we know we will help more brick-and-mortars thrive.