Raydiant Links with Soundtrack Your Brand

Pairing What Customers See with What They Hear to Create a Totally Immersive Experience

Sight and Sound

Customer-facing spaces are designed to draw people in, to let them know they’ve found what they were looking for, and to keep them coming back. People talk—you want them talking about your brand. Now, your business can create buzz by lifting the customer experience with bold, engaging signage from Raydiant paired with curated, mood-driving soundtracks from our partner Soundtrack Your Brand.

Pairing sound and visuals and creating a fully immersive experience for customers connects them with your brand. They see it as an extension of their social network and feel linked with what’s happening in your space. Suddenly the customer experience is a unique, unforgettable, immersive experience that they will be talking about. And you can change that experience quickly and easily to match different customers and moods, keeping them engaged and coming back for more.

Better, Faster, Easier

With Raydiant’s easy-to-install ScreenRay and app library, your signage can be up and running in minutes on multiple screens. Pair music from Soundtrack Your Brand and pull it all together. The Soundtrack Your Brand app groups music by genre, sound, and mood, so you can easily set pre-programmed, curated playlists that perfectly match your brand’s style.

You can add, delete, and modify content remotely whenever you like to change the atmosphere or create excitement over promotions and events. Playlists are curated by professionals who filter out explicit language, so there will never be any unpleasant surprises—just great music that connects your customers to your brand. Soundtrack Your Brand offers over 300 ready-to-launch, fully licensed, and curated soundtracks. Or create your own fully customized soundtrack from our library of over 50 million songs.

Soundtrack Your Brand is fully integrated with the Raydiant platform via the ScreenRay device, which plugs into your TV. The Soundtrack Your Brand app can then be accessed through Raydiant’s intuitive, cloud-based interface. You can also opt for music-only service with Audio Only mode, which lets you play music and control playlists through Soundtrack Your Brand on TV screens and audio devices, but without access to the rest of the Raydiant interface. For Audio Only mode, you pay only the Soundtrack Your Brand subscription fee. You can switch to a full Raydiant subscription at any time.

Fully Integrated Pairing

Along with customized digital signage, Raydiant lets you display cover art, song titles, and album names of music on Soundtrack Your Brand playlists. You can suit the music to the mood of the hour, and even pair the energy of the playlist to your on-screen content. Changes to signage and playlists can be made remotely, and from anywhere, via any internet-connected device. Users have access to over 150,000 templates for visuals, free downloads, and simple drag-and-drop design tools to create rich, engaging signage. Plus, Soundtrack Your Brand offers ASCAP- and BMI- licensed music and a catalog of over 50 million songs—all licensing is included in the subscription. Playlists are curated by experts who select music based on specific moods.

Program signage and music changes remotely or pre-program moods for the whole day. Morning crowd a little mellow? Select soft music and on-screen imagery to keep them relaxed and happy in your space. Lunchtime crowd a little more lively? Match their energy with dynamic music and signage content. Raydiant/Soundtrack Your Brand users can change moods, tempos, and atmosphere in minutes to suit events, promotions, and even changes in the weather, designing a one-of-a-kind sensory experience for customers. Branding no longer ends with what customers can see—it reaches out to all the senses, creating a congruous experience for customers, and a positive connection to your brand.

The Future Is Now

The future of branding is now. Shops, restaurants, and all customer-facing businesses can create instant buzz and coordinate their atmosphere to their brand by pairing world-class digital signage from Raydiant with mood-driven playlists from Soundtrack Your Brand.