Proof of Playback Delivers Peace of Mind so you don’t have to Babysit Your Screens

Our latest update adds a whole new level of reliability and convenience to the Raydiant Experience Platform. The new Proof of Playback updates gives our customers the ability to ensure their on-site screens are working exactly as intended—displaying content when, where, and how they want it. (Luckily, this new feature is available to all of our customers!) It means your lives just got a whole lot easier with…

  1. Proof of publish: Get real-time confirmation when you successfully publish content to your screens.

  2. Playback monitoring: Check that your presentations are playing as intended (and get notified when they’re not)

  3. Proof of playback: Receive a log of which presentations played and when.

What does this mean for you?

Verify Screen Playback Across Locations

Updating your screens remotely and want to make sure your playlists have been published? Not on site, but need to make sure your screens are playing without interruption or issue? Now you can check it all right from the Raydiant dashboard. Proof of Playback gives you full transparency on how, exactly, your screens are looking and playing—without having to make a special trip to see for yourself. It also means your on-site staff doesn’t have to stop what they’re doing—helping customers and performing necessary job tasks—to fiddle with your digital screens. This new feature is especially important for Raydiant customers with multiple screens across multiple locations. With Proof of Playback, you get to see what was published on which screens and when.

DOOH Advertising Made Easy—and Provable

In the world of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, impressions are currency. What the Proof of Playback function does is prove to third-party advertisers that their ads have been displayed on your screens. Before, advertisers could only rely on the fact that an ad was scheduled to have played—but not that it actually played—on your screens. Successful playback is easy to prove with Proof of Playback. So instead of setting up cameras to record your digital screens, or having a staff member babysit your screens to ensure that ads are displaying correctly, you now have proof straight from the Raydiant system.

Instantly Troubleshoot Problems When They Occur

With a digital signage platform that boasts a 99.95% uptime, we’re not worried about you having trouble. But if you ever do, the Proof of Continuing Playback function will let you know right away. You no longer have to worry about what your signs are doing while you’re on vacation, at home, or at another of your locations. You’ll get instant feedback from the Raydiant dashboard, which is remotely accessible on any device with internet. If there’s a playback error on any of your screens—and in any of your locations—you’ll know about it in less than 10 minutes. That means you can call Raydiant Support right away and get those screens back up and running with barely an interruption.

Stay in Control with Continuous Monitoring and Playback Logs

Not only does the Proof of Playback function continuously monitor your screens to ensure that they’re functioning properly, but it also records a logged history of the playback functions. These logged reports are automatically generated so that Raydiant customers can view them at will from within the dashboard. Raw data can easily be downloaded into a CSV table with all the information you need (presentation name, playlist name, dates and times of playback, success/failure status, etc.). You can even set it to pull data for certain screens and/or a set date range.

A System You Can Truly “Set and Forget”—and Control from Anywhere

As a plug-and-play system that operates on a secure, cloud-based interface, Raydiant is the ultimate “set and forget” platform. Once you plug your ScreenRay device into your screen or screens and follow the simple setup prompts, you can do everything else from the comfort of your couch, the beach, or wherever you go. Just log into the Raydiant dashboard from your PC, tablet, laptop, or smartphone, and start creating, scheduling, and updating content for your on-site screens. We’ve made a system built for the flexibility of today’s business leaders, and Raydiant reflects that ease of use and manageability. Want to update your digital menu boards with a new dish, promotion, or prices? Looking to stay virtually connected with customers and staff in other locations? Want to create automated playlists with all your best content: from YouTube videos and live event calendars to custom music playlists and social walls? You can do it all with Raydiant—and without moving from your living room.