Raydiant Partners with PAR, Bringing Brink POS (and Smarter Signage) to Sports Venues and Restaurants

Our new partnership with PAR Technology takes digital signage to the big time, with an integrated POS system that serves all your venue needs. From stadiums and arenas to theme parks and zoos—and everything in between—any event or attraction is made more manageable with Raydiant’s digital signage platform, now integrated with PAR’s Brink POS.

This fully connected system helps you deliver an exceptional guest experience while keeping track of all your venue’s moving parts—in real time. This functionality works for big venues, but is also a great fit for restaurants looking to upgrade the way they do business. Here’s what to expect:

Automatically Update Your Digital Signage

The Raydiant platform is already designed to make creating gorgeous digital signs a breeze. But we’re taking it up a notch with the Brink POS integration, which syncs directly with the Raydiant system, keeping signs up to date with real-time information. Any time you 86 a menu item or run out of stock on a product, your screens will update instantly, removing that item from your digital menu boards, self-service kiosks, tablets, mobile and online ordering platforms—everywhere.

You don’t have to lift a finger or keep track of anything—Raydiant and Brink POS do it for you. Peak-rushes and high-volume crowds are a cinch with a system that keeps lines moving. Bold, graphic-filled signage will draw in the foot traffic, and easy-to-read, engaging screens will grab their attention. And when they’re ready to buy, your customers will always come away happy—since they can order what they want from the menu, or find the product they’re looking for, and it’s always available. Watch sales soar at your restaurants, merch stalls, concession stands, and gift shops!

Communicate to Your Crowds More Effectively 

Communicating to the masses is an art form—but with Raydiant, it’s an everyday reality. Dynamic screens broadcast your message or messages throughout your venue, arena, stadium, or event. Use your Raydiant screens for everything from directing people where to go (wayfinding signs), displaying targeted ads to get them primed to buy, or even showcasing sports and team stats, weather, and news headlines to keep them informed and entertained. The Raydiant system can also be used to support your emergency protocols, allowing you to immediately push emergency alerts and information to any or all screens across one or more of your locations.

There are so many ways to use Raydiant digital signs for sports and entertainment venues and attractions. Create buzz for upcoming concerts, games, exhibitions, and other events with on-screen promos. Post important public health and safety reminders. Play music videos, exciting sports shorts, and other entertaining content to get the crowd pumped. The Brink POS integration enhances this functionality by letting you program your screens to switch content in response to real-time customer buying behaviors and inventory changes. And restaurant owners, we haven’t left you out. Everything you can do at big venues, you can do on a smaller, but no less effective, scale at your restaurant locations!

Personalize Your Displays for Your Crowd

Rabid sports fans, excited concert goers, curious museum patrons, hungry diners—every crowd is unique, and Raydiant knows this. That’s why we’ve made our system robust enough—with a large, multipurpose app marketplace—to elevate any customer experience, yet agile enough to make changes in the moment.

Raydiant’s Experience Platform gives you all the tools you need to design a customer experience that’s personalized for your customers. Even in venues, like stadiums and arenas, where the customers change, Raydiant signage keeps up at every step. Use our easy drag-and-drop design tools to make gorgeous, animated digital menu boards with sizzle reels, nutritional info, and more. Schedule out dayparting and special menus to switch out at certain days and times, so your staff is never interrupted to switch out signage when lines are long. Promotional content is easy to create and change at a moment’s notice. Our system even lets you customize your background music to match the energy of your crowd!

Of course, the Brink POS integration gives you the customer insights you need to make these shifts in your signage. With Raydiant and Brink POS, you can hyper-personalize your visitor communication for better sales and an elevated customer experience.

Simplify Back-End Processes and Free Up Staff

Keeping the visitor experience fun and running smoothly takes a ton of behind-the-scenes effort. Let Raydiant and PAR’s Brink POS take some of the load. Interconnecting your POS components across your location, or locations, with your digital signage gives you more control. At the same time, this all-in-one system streamlines your back-end workflows, creating one connected system where everything is talking to one another, eliminating the need for time-intensive manual processes.

With Raydiant’s Brink POS integration, inventory and stock management, mobile and online payments, contactless services, digital menus, and more are kept functioning and fully updated. This ecosystem frees you and your staff to focus on the more important things, like assisting customers, upselling products and services, and doing all the things that make the visitor experience personal and memorable.

Control it All Remotely from One, Easy-to-Use Interface

Venue managers, event organizers, and restaurateurs have better things to do than babysit their digital signs. With the Raydiant Brink POS integration, you get the best of both worlds—complete control over an ecosystem of integrated POS and smart signage in a system that works independently to drive business and make back-end tasks run smoothly. What’s even more exciting is that this venue management system can be accessed from anywhere, and on any device. What do we mean by “anywhere”? We mean that on any concession stand, merch store or gift shop, ticketing booth, control room, you can log onto Raydiant’s secure, cloud-based interface and pick up where you left off. We also mean anywhere at home, on the road, or any space between.

Along with programming your screens to automatically update, you can also manually change screen content on any or all screens, and have those updates go live in seconds. And when you’re ready to delegate, Raydiant access levels make it easy—and safe—to do so. You can assign staff roles that include Superadmins, Admins, Users, and Restricted Users. Because Raydiant is so easy to use, your employees will quickly pick it up—no extensive staff training or downtime necessary.

Raydiant and Brink POS: A Powerhouse Combo

In the Raydiant and Brink POS integration, you’re getting an all-in-one venue and restaurant management system that’s built for enterprise use, yet flexible enough to grow as your business grows, and your customers change. Want to try it out?

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