Our New Walls.io App Creates Custom Social Walls That Showcase Your Brand

We’re delighted to announce a new partnership with digital content provider Walls.io. Their robust yet easy-to-use platform collects and curates social media content from more than 13 popular platforms, turning it into one social feed for your social wall displays.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest—and more popular platforms—can be easily linked, for a social wall that functions like no other. Brick-and-mortar businesses, trade shows, showrooms, sporting events, concerts—Walls.io social walls can be used anytime, anywhere to show the best of your brand. Here’s why we at Raydiant are so excited to bring Walls.io on board for you:

How Walls.io Works  

Walls.io is super simple to set up. Simply add any or all of your social media platforms that you wish to source content from, and any specific hashtags or keywords. You can also pull user-generated content from trusted profiles and sources, and from news, entertainment, and other online sources. Walls.io also gives you the option to display sponsored posts on your walls as a way to build brand awareness for sponsors and partners, and create more revenue for your business through extra “ad space.” 

Walls.io social walls are excellent ways to engage customers with interactive displays, and to entertain crowds at trade shows and other special events. The system even lets you create social walls to use on your website and ecommerce store. No matter where your Walls.io social wall is, it’ll always display fresh content perfect for grabbing customers’ attention and getting them to visualize enjoying your products and services.

The Power of User-Generated Content 

Noted as one of the most powerful marketing tools available, user-generated content (or “UGC”) lets your happy customers speak for you. And statistics prove that 90% of consumers will listen, and will use what they hear to determine whether or not they’ll buy from your brand. UGC is such a powerful customer influencer that customers say they find it nearly 10x as impactful than influencer content. People trust UGC because they trust their peers more than brands. It’s like the digital version of word-of-mouth advertising, where customers will first check in with family and friends before making a purchase. 

According to 54% of marketers, UGC is the most engaging content type on social media. Just think of all the marketing gold that you’re collecting on your social platforms! Each time a person @mentionss or tweets you that they love your product—put it on your in-location screens using Walls.io. The benefits of using UGC for your social walls are endless. It gives you “social proof,” as people see others trust and buy from your brand, and then follow suit, as a social behavior. It makes your brand more approachable and authentic. It also helps create a sense of community for customers and social followers, who can share real experiences with your brand. 

Your Social Walls, Your Way 

Match your social wall design to your location, brand—or both. Walls.io gives you the ability to customize your social feeds in the format of your choice. Choose from several ready-made themes, from structured brick and grid designs to more fluid displays. You can also add the branding and text of your choice, like logos, brand colors, and website URLs. All of this customization is made easy with the Walls.io Style Editor, which offers a user-friendly design that anyone can operate—no tech background needed. In just a few minutes, you’ll get gorgeous, branded social walls on any or all of your Raydiant screens. 

Need a social wall with large tiles, with images you can see at the back of the crowd, for live events? The Bricks theme showcases visual content in larger “bricks,” and is easier to read for big screens and large events. Want a neat, organized layout where all content is sized evenly across your wall? The Grid theme keeps your social wall looking neat and tidy, keeping each post the same size (instead of expanding based on the content). What about showing how your hashtag campaign is sweeping your region, the nation, or the world? The Maps theme displays a map with pop ups of every place your hashtag is trending. These are just a few of the many ready-made themes Walls.io has to offer. 

All the Content You Want, None You Don’t 

Nervous that your social walls will show something you don’t want them to show? Not to worry—Walls.io’s advanced moderation tools are like no other system’s, providing surefire protection that keeps only the good stuff displaying on your screens. With built-in spam detection filters, blacklists, and the ability to filter out and block certain keywords and users, no offensive, spammy, or off-brand content will get through. 

With Walls.io, you never have to worry about babysitting your feed; the system blocks and filters out unwanted content for you automatically. But if you want more control, you can set it so you can manually moderate content, approving or rejecting each post that comes through before it appears on your wall. In short, what will your Walls.io social walls be full of? Nothing but curated content from your own feeds, approved social media profiles, and multiple other whitelisted sources you can trust. 

Walls.io’s Mega-API: A Developer’s Dream 

And now for the developers in the crowd: instead of connecting to each social media network’s API separately, Walls.io makes it so you only have to connect to one programming interface. No more painstaking time and effort (and money) wasted on learning each network’s API and how it works (and then having to re-learn it each time it updates). The Walls.io platform does the dirty work for you, with one, centralized API that connects to all of your social feeds. 

Ready to Get Started?

Get your social walls up and running in a matter of minutes, with the Walls.io integration. The Walls.io app is now part of the Raydiant interface, accessible directly from the Raydiant dashboard. All you need is a Raydiant subscription, one or more Raydiant-enabled screens, and a Walls.io subscription, and you’re ready to show off the best of your social feeds.


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