Our New Partnership with Food-Safety-as-a-Service solution Phenium

Introducing Our New Partnership with Phenium

If you run a restaurant, you understand how razor slim profit margins can be easily upset by factors like food waste or inefficient equipment can sink your bottom line.

Unfortunately, food waste is an all too common issue that negatively impacts U.S. restaurants:

With statistics like these, it’s clear that food waste and inefficient food storage can sink a restaurant. That’s why we’ve partnered with Phenium. 

What is Phenium?

Phenium is a Food-Safety-as-a-Service solution that uses automated restaurant intelligence, a cloud-based food safety monitoring system, and a set of team collaboration tools to better manage your restaurant’s food safety. 

The Phenium system gives you a comprehensive picture of your kitchen and restaurant operations in real-time, so you can always keep your ingredient inventory and your customers safe.

How does Phenium work?

The Phenium system uses several tools to keep your food safe and your restaurant ready for health inspections:

  • Smart sensors – in fridges and freezers monitor temperatures and deliver real-time notifications if issues arise. 

  • Monitor hot and cold holdings – data collection through bluetooth temperature probes keep your receiving, hot, and cold holding stations out of the temperature danger zone.

  • Actionable alerts – AI constantly analyzes temperatures and alerts you if something is off. Additionally, real-time food recall updates keep your ingredient inventory safe. 

  • Customized eChecklists – time-stamped digital checklists on mobile devices allow you and your team to stay on top of tasks and record keeping. It’s an easier way to handle reporting.

How can Phenium help your business?

Monitoring food safety is of the utmost importance for restaurant owners, operators, managers, and staff. Spoiled food and food in the temperature zone becomes waste, which negatively impacts your bottom line.

With Phenium, food safety can be transformed into a win-win asset that protects your ingredients, protects consumers, and helps food service businesses get ahead of risks.

The three key benefits of implementing Phenium in your restaurant are:

  • Keep customers safe

  • Make safety a staff priority

  • Improve ROI

Keep customers safe

To begin, one of the biggest benefits Phenium delivers to restaurants is the opportunity to decrease the risk surrounding fridge and freezer temperatures and your hot and cold holding stations.

Checking the temperatures of your restaurant’s freezers and fridges is a standard safety practice that’s key to maintaining safe temperatures for food and inventory. However, when temperature checks are performed manually, there’s always the chance of human error, inaccurate readings, or surprise equipment failures later in the day.

To combat this common issue, Phenium uses smart sensors in fridges and freezers to monitor temperatures and deliver real-time notifications if problems arise. With this kind of real-time monitoring, you always know if fridges and freezers are at a safe temperature.

Additionally, Phenium monitors hot and cold holding stations through bluetooth temperature probes, which works to keep all food storage areas out of the temperature danger zone.

By monitoring holding stations, fridges, and freezers in real-time, Phenium can keep your ingredients and customers safe.

Make safety a staff priority

Another one of the benefits Phenium offers to restaurants is the opportunity to decrease risk surrounding food safety and food safety practices, through collaborative tools that empower everyone on staff to monitor food safety and take preventative measures as needed. 

Phenium’s temperature monitoring and notifications can be viewed on Raydiant screens and digital signage. This allows all staff to easily monitor temperatures and food safety conditions at-a-glance. With this kind of visibility, food safety becomes the responsibility of everyone.

Additionally, Phenium offers customized eChecklists and alert notifications to help keep your entire restaurant on top of record keeping.

Many restaurants use paper checklists for a variety of tasks, including cleaning, food preparation, and opening or closing. However, manual checklists are tedious to update, and all too easy to forget during busy operational hours. 

Phenium’s customized eChecklists and alert notifications allow restaurant managers and staff to quickly and easily view tasks and create a daily, time-stamped record of who performed food safety and cleaning measures.  

By creating more visibility among staff on key tasks and metrics, food safety can truly become a team responsibility. 

Improve ROI

Lastly, Phenium can help restaurant owners and operators save time and money. 

Food waste is a major expense for restaurants, and experts estimate that poor food storage conditions are responsible for nearly 85% of restaurant food waste

Phenium’s IoT technology allows food service businesses to monitor their refrigeration equipment through temperature sensors and sends alerts if temperatures rise or drop, equipment fails, or other issues arise. This allows restaurant owners, operators, and staff to take preventative measures against food waste as needed, and increases the longevity of ingredients. 

Additionally, Phenium also offers a deep level of cold chain monitoring, thousands of temperature records, and regular optimization suggestions to ensure your fridges and freezer operate at peak performance. 

In order to succeed in today’s crowded restaurant marketplace, managing and maintaining your food inventory is critical. With Phenium’s real-time monitoring of fridges, freezers, and holding stations, you can reduce food waste and improve your bottom line.

Installing Phenium

Installing Phenium is simple. First, upload your kitchen’s floor plan into Phenium’s smart app, along with all kitchen equipment information. 

After an onboarding call, the Phenium customer care team will plan out where the temperature sensors should be placed in your kitchen. This may be followed by a site visit, ensuring all monitoring equipment is correctly installed.

Phenium and Raydiant

Phenium’s temperature monitoring and notifications can be viewed on Raydiant screens and digital signage. This allows staff to easily and quickly monitor temperatures and food safety conditions at-a-glance, throughout the course of operational hours. 

With this kind of visibility, customers are protected, sanitary issues are decreased, and product loss is more preventable than ever. 

Get started with Phenium

Phenium delivers a holistic solution for food safety that includes cutting edge technology and curated solutions that meet your restaurant’s unique needs.

A subscription to Phenium costs $475/month, per location.