Our New Partnership: Raydiant and Lux Labs

Visually attractive, transparent digital displays are one of the best opportunities retailers, restaurants, gyms, and office spaces have to draw in and delight customers.

That’s why the Raydiant team is so excited to announce our new partnership with Lux Labs.

Our new partnership

Lux Labs, our brand new partner, helps brick-and-mortar businesses like retailers, restaurants, gyms, and office space transform their glass, windows, and clear surfaces with highly appealing transparent displays that show projected content onto surfaces. How does Lux Labs achieve this? With MIT-developed, highly innovative ClearBright™ products.

ClearBright™ adhesive film is designed for existing windows. Once the film is applied, projectors create an overlay of information on windows while the background behind the display remains visible.

Lux Labs also offers portable ClearBright™ display screens that can be stuck to a window, moved from location to location, or used as a stand alone transparent moving display.

With Raydiant’s all-in-one interactive digital signage solution, this new partnership with Lux Labs will increase the ROI of each and every in-location customer and enhance overall in-space experience.

How does Lux Labs transparent display technology work?

Lux Lab’s transparent display technology easily transforms any window or clear surface with ClearBright™ adhesive film.

ClearBright™ adhesive film is designed for existing windows and can visually enhance retail storefronts, restaurants, gyms, office spaces, and more. ClearBright™ is the first and only transparent display film that uses specially designed nanoparticles to create a display material that’s completely transparent and exceptionally bright. Once ClearBright™ adhesive film is applied to any window or glass, business owners can project content onto any window or clear surface.

The ClearBright™ display screens can also be adhered to a window or used as a stand alone transparent moving display.

Why does this technology matter in a ClearBright™ product? It leads to a bright, attractive digital display that will draw in customers and elevator in-space experiences.

A turnkey solution

ClearBright™ is also a simple solution for brick-and-mortar businesses to implement. After purchasing the correct size of ClearBright™ adhesive film and applying, you then can create the desired content (Powerpoint, Keynote, and Google slides are all options) for future projection. ClearBright™ products work with any type of projector.

Installation of a projector is easy to handle solo, but if business owners want to skip the solo installation process, Lux Labs will handle the entire process. Lux Labs will send over a technician to adhere the film, set up the projector, and teach employees how to operate.

In short? ClearBright™ products are simple to set up, easy to use, and deliver serious ROI for brick-and-mortar businesses.

The benefits of transparent digital displays

In order to stand out, brick and mortar spaces like retailers, restaurants, gyms, and office spaces need to utilize high-impact marketing tactics. These constantly evolving marketing tactics draw customers into spaces and keep them repeatedly coming back for more.

Transparent digital displays like Lux Labs ClearBright™ products are the perfect way to do this.

The three biggest benefits of Lux Labs ClearBright™ digital displays include: improving customer experience and engagement in-location, enhancing your physical space, and better, more affordable marketing over the long-term for brick-and-mortar businesses.

More information for better customer engagement

Transparent displays created with either ClearBright™ adhesive film or a portable ClearBright™ display screen allow business owners to present information about their products/services in a highly attractive way to their customers.

Transparent displays can highlight special deals, special pricing, highlight additional features of a product, or even show tutorials to help customers engage and learn more about a product/ service.

Transparent displays can also deliver entertaining content that enhances branding and the customer experience in stores, restaurants, gyms, and office spaces.

Brighter, more attractive displays

Not all transparent display technology is created equally.

ClearBright™ technology was first developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The advanced nanoparticle formula enables highly efficient projection which results in a brighter image and better clarity.

For business owners and managers, this means ClearBright™ products offer clearer, better looking, and more visually attractive digital displays for your customers. It’s an easy, simple way to elevate the in-location experiences for customers.

More affordable marketing

For business owners and managers, transparent displays are also a highly cost effective form of marketing. ClearBright™ products do not require the development of anything expensive or temporary like physical displays or printed signage, banners, cards, or stickers for walls, windows, menus, or other flat surfaces. Instead, projected content can be easily changed via computer.

Plus, transparent digital displays never need to be physically adhered, constructed, or removed or replaced. Everything is digital, and easily created in PowerPoint or Keynote. This makes changing displays easy, saves employees time and labor, and saves brick-and-mortar business owners marketing money over the long term.

Better customer engagement

Finally, one more major benefit of Lux Labs ClearBright™ transparent digital displays is improved customer engagement.

Customers accustomed to online shopping are also familiar with a wide variety of marketing tactics that encourage more engagement, longer browsing, and more purchasing. Online shoppers may engage with a chatbot to ask questions, watch FAQ or tutorial videos on products, check out new recommendations based on previous browsing, read online product reviews, or scour a website for special deals.

For physical brick-and-mortar stores, similar customer engagement in-location is needed now, more than ever. By creating more interactive, enticing digital experiences with Lux Labs ClearBright™, transparent displays have a chance to compete with online shopping and boost the customer experience in physical locations.

Opportunities and high-end experiences

Raydiant wants brick-and-mortar businesses to succeed, which is why we’re excited to partner with Lux Labs. Lux Las helps brick-and-mortar retail businesses elevate their windows and glass with ClearBright™ transparent display adhesive film and portable screens, and Raydiant helps businesses deliver more content via digital screens.

Ready to elevate your brick-and-mortar customer experience and transform your clear surfaces?

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