Our New Partnership: Raydiant and Hipscan

It’s official: QR codes are here to stay. QR code downloads have increased 750% over the last 18 months (according to Bitly) – that’s why we’re proud to announce our new partnership with Hipscan, a platform that helps businesses and brands leverage QR technology to deliver context-rich experiences to their customers. 

Our new partnership

Hipscan helps brick and mortar businesses use QR code technology to interact with their customers in an effective, safe, contact-free, and revenue-producing fashion.

Hipscan creates unique QR codes for brick and mortar businesses, including retailers and restaurants. After consumers scan a Hipscan with their mobile device, the user is directed to a website, video, menu, or any other online content. The QR codes last forever, and the online content can be changed any time.

Hipscan also provides insightful analytics to business owners that can be used to create more targeted, personalized marketing campaigns and customer interactions.

In today’s increasingly digital world, where online shopping often dominates, Hipscan’s QR code technology is vital for the continued success of brick and mortar businesses.

How does Hipscan work?

Hipscan offers retail QR code technology that is simple and easy for store owners, managers, and customers alike to use. To use Hipscan, business owners or managers first choose what content they want to share with customers: a web page, a menu, or perhaps an instructional video. Unique Hipscan QR codes can then be added to any digital or physical signage.

Once the customer scans the Hipscan QR code, they are directed to the desired online content. Customers can then easily browse offerings, place an order, or engage with a brand, all from their personal mobile device. It’s contact-free and seamless.

Additionally, Hipscan tracks user data in tandem with QR code scanning: when, where, and with what device. With this information, business owners gain insight into customer behaviors and can create more targeted, effective marketing campaigns.

What are the benefits of Hipscan QR codes?

QR codes are now a huge component to successful brick and mortar business operations and marketing campaigns. Below are three key reasons why QR codes are here to stay:

Contactless and touchless 

First, the consumer demand for more contactless solutions at retail stores and restaurants is a major driver in the recent widespread adoption of QR codes. In fact, 30% of U.S. consumers over 18 prefer some form of a contactless payment option (according to a survey by Prosper Insights & Analytics).  

What’s behind this contact-free demand? The pandemic has completely upended consumer attitudes about cleanliness, sanitization, and hygiene. Ever since the onset of Covid-19, consumers have sought out ways to limit interactions with high-touch surfaces and objects, like menus. 

Contactless QR codes deliver on this demand for more touchless options in retail stores and restaurants. With Hipscan, shoppers can easily access a specific product page, video, or even place an order by simply scanning a QR code. This contact-free experience allows consumers to completely control their journey from their personal mobile device – and without touching anything they want to avoid.

Ease of use

Another benefit of QR codes is their simplicity. QR codes are simple for customers to understand and to use: hold up a mobile device, scan the code, and be taken to the desired online content. Additionally, many consumers like QR codes because QR codes do not require the downloading of an app or a login. The technology is simple, fast, and accessible, particularly when it comes to Hipscan.

With Hipscan, customers simply scan a Hipscan QR code wherever they see it and can place their order.  This seamless interaction builds consumer confidence in a brand, empowers customers to make quick purchasing decisions, and ultimately builds more revenue for businesses. 

For customers and business owners alike, QR codes offer up a true win-win.

Improved, more personalized marketing 

Finally, the surge in popularity of QR codes at brick and mortar businesses is being driven by the benefits QR code analytics bring to marketing efforts.

Hipscan tracks when, where, and with what device consumers scan a QR code. By tracking and analyzing this information, Hipscan offers business owners and brands a plethora of useful data on customer behavior. This data can then be used to create marketing campaigns that are more targeted, personalized, and effective.

The bottom line? QR codes offer a wealth of opportunities to connect with consumers, amplify your messaging, and create better, more targeted marketing campaigns.

Click and mortar opportunities

Raydiant is dedicated to helping brick and mortar businesses succeed, which is why we’ve partnered with Hipscan. Hipscan helps brick and mortar retail businesses keep up with the online shopping boom with retail QR codes that offer easy, convenient, and touch-free ordering or direction to chosen web pages, product pages, or menus. Hipscan offers a seamless, interactive customer experience, without the interaction.

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