Raydiant Partners with Lightspeed for a Retail POS Integration That Does it All

We’re happy to announce a dynamic new partnership with Lightspeed, an omnichannel retail POS system provider. This powerful POS was designed to manage all back-end retail processes, ecommerce to in-store inventory, from one centralized system.

Raydiant closes the loop with an app integration that includes digital signage and customer experience management as part of this system. Now, you can use Lightspeed POS customer data and purchasing insights to power your Raydiant screens for better marketing reach. Here’s how  the integration works, and why every retailer needs to know about it. 

A Retail POS Designed for Today’s Customers 

Today’s shoppers aren’t only shopping online or at your brick-and-mortar—they’re doing both, and everything in between. But even though shoppers are craving the in-store experience (and we’re seeing an uptick in brick-and-mortar shopping, even during the pandemic), there is also a rise in services like contactless and curbside orders, by-appointment in-store shopping, and other concierge services. The Lightspeed POS was designed with all of this in mind, as it centralizes all your retail management tasks, from back-end processes like inventory management to these customer services. Plus, with Lightspeed, you can control all your commerce—both online and in-store. 

Streamlining Inventory Management and Back-End Workflows 

Without the right tools, inventory management and other back-end processes can be major time wasters. The Lightspeed retail POS system includes a host of organizational tools that make managing inventory, keeping track of stock, and managing suppliers so much easier. And good back-end management is the key to increasing profit margins, cutting unnecessary costs, and working smarter and more efficiently. Lightspeed keeps all your data accessible, with an integrated POS that keeps your data transparent and automatically updated. 

In-Store Signage Powered by Customer Behavior 

Ever wish you could read your customers’ minds and show them advertisements for the things they want—in real time? Raydiant’s Lightspeed integration gives you this marketing edge, and you don’t need to be a mentalist to get it. All you need is Lightspeed’s real-time POS data, which provides you with valuable insights into shopping trends and purchasing behaviors. This automated POS gathers this data, and your Raydiant screens can be set to respond accordingly. Say, for example, you notice a post-lunch rush from a nearby restaurant. You can set your Raydiant screens to display the latest promos, or push high-ticket or seasonal items. And when an item is no longer in stock, it’s automatically removed from your digital screens and menu boards. 

The Perks: Loyalty Programs, In-Store Appointments, and More 

Customer perks work because they incentivize browsers to become customers, and customers to become loyal advocates. Rewarding customers for their repeat business makes them feel valued and gives them that positive experience they need to come back again. The overwhelming majority of customers—84%, in fact—say they’ll stick with a brand because of it’s loyalty program. And nearly half of customers say they’ve spent more with a brand after becoming a loyalty club member. 

Another customer perk is the increasingly popular in-store shopping appointment. This occurs when a person books an appointment online to shop at your physical store, and receive the personalized, white-glove treatment from staff. Think of it as a concierge service, but for retail customers. And, though not a new concept, appointment shopping has been gaining traction, especially since the pandemic. 

Of course, to manage all the customer perks (especially at multiple locations, and when running an online and physical retail business), you need a tool that keeps it all moving forward. The Lightspeed integration is an all-in-one digital tool that helps you manage it all. With Lightspeed as part of the Raydiant platform, you have the ultimate retail management command center. 

Sync Your Inventory with Google Ads for Local Shoppers

Bring more shoppers to your brick-and-mortar stores with well-positioned Google ads that sync with your local inventory. The Lightspeed POS system makes this possible, and even easy. All you need to do is create your Google ad campaigns, right from within Lightspeed. Once your Google ads and local inventory are synced, you’ll be one of the top Google results for local shoppers looking for your products. And when products sell out, the ad automatically pauses to minimize marketing costs. Want to measure your ad campaign results? You can do that from the Lightspeed POS too!

Manage Your Retail Business from Anywhere 

As part of the Raydiant ecosystem, Lightspeed is also a cloud-based platform you can access anywhere you have internet. On any device, and from any location, you get complete control over what goes on in your stores—both your physical locations and ecommerce sites. This accessibility isn’t just great for when you’re off site, but keeps you mobile in your store as well. The cloud-based POS lets you go where your customers are, allowing you to use tablets for transactions and payments for more personalized customer service and to minimize wait times. And with Raydiant and Lightspeed integrated, you can create, schedule, and switch out promotional signs and digital menu boards from the same system.

Raydiant and Lightspeed, for Better Retail Management

The Lightspeed app is part of Raydiant’s Customer Experience platform for retailers, and is accessible from the Raydiant dashboard. Together, Raydiant and Lightspeed give retailers all the digital tools they need to run a successful omnichannel business, attract more foot traffic in their brick and mortars, and improve the overall experience for in-store shoppers. Lightspeed’s POS system allows retailers to manage one or more physical stores along with an ecommerce site, if they choose. The automated POS digitizes workflows for more data transparency and less time wasted on manual processes like counting inventory or managing suppliers. All of this functionality is added to the Raydiant ecosystem, which provides retailers with everything they need to attract and engage customers. From bold, dynamic digital signs to branded background music to occupancy tracking tools and AR in-store entertainment, Raydiant has it all. To learn more, book a demo today.

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