Level Up Your Menu Boards with our New DS Menu Integration

Everywhere from restaurants and drive-thrus to spas and hotels, digital menu boards are having a moment. Why are top brands like McDonald’s, Nike, and Walmart investing in digital menu boards for their locations? Because they’re proven to increase sales and foot traffic. And because customers like them because they’re easier to read and more visually interesting than static signs. 

Our new partnership with digital menu board designer DS Menu adds more designer power to the Raydiant platform. Here’s why this integration will be your new marketing best friend.

Choose from Over 1,000 Designer Templates

What’s your brand vibe? Guaranteed DS Menu has a template for it. And the designs aren’t for restaurants alone—any business using digital menu boards can find a template to fit their aesthetic. With a gallery of more than 1,000 templates to choose from, and almost endless customization options, you’ll get—or can easily modify—the design you’re looking for. Add your own high-res food and product images to make it uniquely yours. Getting ready for a holiday or special event? Check the DS Menu gallery for an assortment of themed templates for any occasion.

Easily Modify Pre-Made Templates

Customize your menu board by changing fonts, colors, graphics, and icons. DS Menu turns what could be a complex process into a simple one that takes seconds. You get to enjoy designer-level menu boards without any of the work. In fact, anyone can use the DS Menu platform to customize their own menu board—even those with zero design or IT experience. Talk about low-maintenance, high-impact marketing!

Create Your Own Branded Menu Boards

Worried that a digital menu board template won’t work with your existing branding? The DS Menu platform has tons of designs to choose from, each modifiable in color, font, and imagery. And it that’s not enough, it also allows you to upload and add your logo and other branded content. This is the kind of branding continuity that builds customer trust and loyalty.

Schedule and Automate Menus and Playlists

The last thing you want to do during lunch rush and other busy times is worry about switching out your menu boards. Let DS Menu do the work for you. Their platform lets you schedule menus to switch at certain days and times, automating the process so you can continue helping customers and filling orders.

Restaurants love this functionality because it makes scheduling and switching out dayparting, happy hour, brunch, and other menus so much simpler and less time consuming. Other businesses love it because it allows them to plan their promotional menu boards so that they appear only while a promo is running. Either way, we’re talking smart menu boards that streamline your back end, and display what you want, when you want it.

Showcase Specials and Promos with Pre-Set Playlists

DS Menu lets you turn your menu boards into a gallery that plays through more than one menu frames at select intervals. Called a playlist, it’s used to highlight promos, special items, or whatever you like, on your menu boards. Set it to play two or more frames that continuously transition. You can set your menu boards to display this way all the time, or only for a select timeframe. If you need to remove, add, or rearrange a frame, you can do so easily. You can even set the transition effect and time for a frame, the way you would a PowerPoint presentation.

Manage Your Menus Wherever You Go

As a restaurateur, business owner, or manager—you’re on the go all the time. You don’t have time to waste on repetitive day-to-day tasks, like switching out signage. Even though digital signs and menu boards are proven revenue generators, they’re also low maintenance and easy to manage from anywhere, with a cloud-based system like DS Menu. In fact, since both Raydiant and DS Menu are both cloud based, you’re able to pull up the DS Menu app from your Raydiant dashboard and make changes, wherever you go.

Whether you’re at work, at home, or on the road, DS Menu goes with you. Make digital menu board changes from your PC, tablet, laptop, smartphone—anywhere there’s internet. You’ll love DS Menu whether you have one location or twenty, but you’ll especially love the ease of use and flexibility of switching out signage at multiple locations from one, mobile platform.

How Digital Menu Boards Help Your Business

How DS Menu Works

As a Raydiant customer, you’ll first need to get a DS Menu subscription. Then, you simply log into your Raydiant account, add the DS Menu app to your Raydiant dashboard, and you’re ready to create and manage DS Menu board from within Raydiant. Log into your DS Menu account and start creating new boards using a pre-set design template.

Find a template you like, and add your own menu items and prices. Upload your food or product images, logo, and other branded images. Modify the template, if you like, by changing colors, fonts, graphics, and icons. When you’re done, simply save your menu and its ready to display on your Raydiant-enabled screens. Create as many menus as you like using this simple process that takes just a few minutes to complete. Schedule menus to display at set times or dates, and menu playlists to transition between menu “frames” at set intervals.

Bring Your Menus to Life

Take advantage of some of the best in-location advertising around: your digital screens. As the top customer-rated digital signage platform on the market, Raydiant is no stranger to creating high-impact screens that build revenue and repeat business. With the integration of DS Menu into our robust platform, we have added a whole new arsenal of high-level design templates to our marketing arsenal. Ready to take your new digital menu boards for a spin? Find out more by booking a free demo today.

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