Kiosk Personalized Interactive Displays Drive Sales Through Customer Engagement

When discussing what today’s consumers are looking for, you’ll hear market analysts utter these same two things: a personalized customer experience and self-service technology. Raydiant’s newest offering, Kiosk, enables businesses to offer both, allowing them to customize an interactive in-location experience for their customers using touch-screen technology. Here are a few ways Kiosk can help you engage customers with your brand and create repeat customers and raving fans.

A Fully Customizable Self-Service Kiosk

According to a recent study, 77% of customers said they were more likely to shop at brick-and-mortars that offer self-service tablets and other technology. That same study found that 65% of respondents preferred using self-service kiosks to interacting with an associate. Clearly, this is a trend savvy business owners can’t ignore. But not just any self-service kiosk will do: for it to truly speak to your customers, it needs to be customized to their wants and needs. It needs to know what information they are looking for, how they shop, and what they are looking for when walking through your doors. 

Raydiant’s Kiosk technology lets businesses provide this personalized service through a customizable interface. You can customize your screen design from any one of our designer templates and tools, which allow you to change screen and button colors, add overlays and animations, and much more. You know your customers best, so why not design a self-service experience they will love (and return for)?

A Personalized Service Like No Other

Recent research shows that the vast majority of customers—80% of them, in fact, are more likely to purchase from a brand that offers personalized service. And 70% of consumers say that they are more likely to be loyal to a brand that has an understanding of their personal needs. Marketers across industries are focusing on offering personalized service to their customers, and this includes their self-service and interactive displays. Self-service technologies often lock companies into one way of interacting with their customers—but Kiosk lets you build your own on-screen customer experience. 

With Kiosk, you can offer self-guided screens that match how your customers browse and buy. Teach them about a new product or service, share a shoppable Instagram they can browse at their leisure, or entertain them with games. Further personalize your messaging by providing more than one menu for multiple types of customers. For instance, in a healthcare setting, you can create a screen that offers buttons for patients and caregivers, or in a retail setting you may offer multiple buttons for men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing. Restaurants can use Kiosk touchscreens at their tables so diners can self-order and pay without server interaction. Kiosk ups your customer experience game by helping you meet customers where they are in the buyer’s journey. It allows you to offer a fun, unique, and interactive way for customers to engage with your brand in a way that adds no social pressure and lets them go at their own pace.

Manage Your Kiosks from Anywhere

Whether you’re managing one Kiosk tablet or several, you can do it all from one interface—and from any device. Create and design out your very own on-screen customer experience, schedule content to display at set times, make screen updates, and more from our cloud-based interface. Control all the screens in your network, making instant updates on the fly, and without the inconvenience of going to your place of business each time you want to make a change. Not only does this save your business time and money, but it creates a seamless brand experience for customers, no matter which of your locations they visit.

How Will You Use Kiosk?

Businesses in all sectors are using Kiosk to build relationships with customers for better sales and brand awareness. Some applications include:

  • Greeting kiosks for lobbies and entryways (manned and unmanned)

  • Patient portals for healthcare settings

  • Pay-at-table tablets and digital menus for restaurants

  • Interactive kiosks for retailers to highlight new products and promotions

  • Interactive wayfinding signage for universities, airports, hotels, and shopping malls

  • Self-guided learning kiosks for schools, museums, and zoos

  • Interactive kiosks for trade shows

To protect public health and prevent the spread of disease, Kiosk-enabled touch screens are also offered with an optional antimicrobial film at an additional cost that reduces the growth and spread of bacteria.

How to Get Kiosk (and More About This Awesome App)

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