Introducing Theme Builder: Customize Your Screens for Better In-Store Marketing

As part of the Raydiant platform’s latest upgrade, Theme Builder is a flexible design tool that allows business owners even more creative control over their in-location signage. With this latest design upgrade, you can create digital signs personalized to your brand and customer base. Here’s what you can do with Theme Builder, and how it will transform your in-location marketing game. 

Create Signs That Match Your Brand and Aesthetic

Your brand strategy shouldn’t stop at your door. Along with your brand logo, colors, and fonts staying consistent online, they should also transfer to your customer’s offline experience. Your digital signs should be part of your overall marketing strategy, maintaining a consistent look that customers can connect with your brand. It’s been found that using one or more signature colors has been known to increase brand recognition by 80%. And a 2021 study found that among the most recognizable ways to identify a brand are logos (75%), visual style (60%), and brand color (45%), outlining just how important these identifiers are for your in-location signage.

A Standard and higher-level Raydiant subscription gives you access to our design app PosterMyWall, which lets you create gorgeous digital posters for your in-store displays. But our new Theme Builder tool takes this functionality up a notch by letting you control the look of your screens on a platform-wide level. With Theme Builder, you can set the font, color, and format of all your screens. You now have a whole new level of branding capabilities with this flexible design tool that lets you design your own look with the colors and fonts of your choice. This tool upgrade lets you create signage that perfectly matches your brand look.

Build Brand Consistency Across the Board

A staggering 81% of customers say they need to be able to trust a brand in order to buy from them. Brand consistency, including bridging the gap between online and offline marketing, is a central part of building brand trust. Not only should your online presence match your in-store aesthetic, but staying consistent with your signage is key when it comes to managing multiple locations. Half of customers are more likely to buy from brands whose logos they recognize, and it takes 5-7 interactions with your brand for people to remember it. which is why creating that connection with branded content is so critical. All the more reason to use Theme Builder to create custom, branded signage at all of your locations. And this consistency in brand presentation is shown to increase revenue by 33%! 

Choose Your Level of Design Flexibility

One of the great features of Theme Builder is that it lets you control the level of design flexibility you’re after. If you choose to, you can edit each screen line by line, adding heading, subheading, and paragraph styles as you desire. You also have full control over which fonts and colors you use, and your screen layout. Want to add a page divider, change out the background to a custom image or color? Add buttons in the size, shape, and color of your choosing? No problem. You can even save your custom theme for future screen designs, and edit or delete it at any point.

But not everyone needs this level of design control. For those that don’t, Theme Builder also offers custom themes that are pre-set with complementary fonts, colors, and formats. Just plug in your content and you’re done! Plus, you can do it all straight from the Raydiant dashboard—no additional app needed.

Live-Preview Your Screen Changes

Afraid to blindly make changes to your screens without checking them first? Theme Builder makes sure there are no nasty surprises on your screen content by letting you live-preview your changes as you make them. Don’t be afraid to switch your font, create new headings, or try out that new color scheme—you’ll instantly be able to see if it works or it doesn’t before you let it go live on your in-store screens.

Control the Look of Your Self-Service Screens Too

Theme Builder doesn’t just let you design out eye-catching digital signs, but can also be used to control the look of your self-service screens. Contactless services, kiosks, and other interactive displays can be set with the same branded look and format as your digital menu boards, digital posters, wayfinding signs, and other customer-facing screens. In this way, you deliver a more seamless, consistent customer journey across all of your communications.

Design, Edit, and Set Your New Designs Remotely

As part of the cloud-based Raydiant platform, Theme Builder is accessible anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Simply log into our secure platform and start setting your new screen designs. Want to make immediate changes to your screens? Just publish your changes online and your in-store screens will update in seconds! Theme Builder, and the entire Raydiant Experience Platform, is truly high-end digital signage for busy business owners who want to create signage that sells without wasting tons of time managing and upgrading that signage. Raydiant is a plug-and-play system that gives you both in an easy-to-manage platform. You don’t need an IT or design background to enjoy the marketing power of Raydiant’s digital screens—all you need is a subscription and a few minutes to create professional-looking signage that elevates your brand and your customer experience.

Try Theme Builder Today!

If you’re already a Raydiant customer, you can start enjoying the Theme Builder immediately. Simply log into the Raydiant dashboard and start creating gorgeous designs. Not yet a Raydiant customer? Not a problem! You can try our Theme Builder—and all the Raydiant Experience Platform has to offer—for free when you book a free demo today.

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