Interactive Retail Display Usage Jumps To Above Pre-Covid Usage

One of the benefits of operating a large network of interactive retail displays is being able to look at the data across businesses to interpret consumer behavior. We filtered our network to essential businesses and monitored touch screen usage. Not surprisingly we saw it drop 2/3rds when Covid-19 first hit. We then saw steady increases starting in mid- to late-April and through May. Now we are seeing touchscreen usage at and above pre-covid levels in February. Now admittedly this is early and the data is certainly a bit jumpy, but we will be reporting on this trend and updating this article over the next few weeks to fully analyze consumer behavior.

We have a new resource page for Covid-19 friendly interactive retail display and digital signage solutions that includes:

  • Anti-microbial screens

  • Mobile device integration

  • Sales associate automation solutions

  • Enhanced sensing and contactless marketing

Let us know what you think. In the meantime, we are excited that shoppers are engaging with digital marketing solutions at brick-and-mortar now more than ever.

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