Our HubSpot Partnership Turns Data into Performance-Boosting Competitions

We don’t normally link the words “data” and “fun.” But our new partnership with leading CRM provider HubSpot is changing the game. Now, Raydiant customers with a Hoopla by Raydiant subscription can import sales, marketing, and customer data and turn it into fun, productivity-driving competitions. How do we do it—and why do you need it? Here’s everything you need to know.

Why We Need Gamification in the Workplace

People are burnt out. Between the pandemic and struggling economy, and a host of other reasons, they’re feeling weighed down by the stresses of the past couple of years. And our workplaces are feeling the difference—as many as 64% of employees say they just don’t feel engaged at work. If we’re going to turn things around, we need to do what we haven’t done before. For many, this means boosting employee engagement and motivation with fun workplace competitions.

Gamifying the workplace has several documented benefits. Research shows that gamification increases motivation by 48%. As many as 89% of employees said gamified activities make them feel more engaged at work. And 62% of people say they’re more motivated when competing with their peers. Plus, productivity is positively impacted, with a 50% improvement rate shown with workplaces using gamification training.

Statistics aside, it all comes down to this: happy employees = good business. When happy, our employees are our best brand advocates. When unhappy, they can cost us thousands, or even millions, of dollars a year. We want our employees to be happy at work. But we also have our bottom line to worry about. Gamification works on both simultaneously, motivating employees to do their best work, while helping us grow our business, one competition at a time. 

The HubSpot CRM Platform

There’s a reason HubSpot is considered one of the top CRMs on the market. Its combined platform lets you manage marketing, sales, content management, and customer service and data in one system. This powerful CRM gives you better insight into your prospects, which gives you the data you need to create targeted marketing campaigns. It also automates sales tasks and streamline your processes so you can close deals faster. Bottom line, it empowers your sales team with the data they need to convert more leads and close more deals.

The Hoopla by Raydiant Platform

Hoopla by Raydiant is part of the Raydiant network, and offered as an add-on subscription for businesses who want to see real improvement in their workplace productivity and employee engagement. Hoopla is a real-time performance management and motivation solution that turns business goals and KPIs into fun, exciting workplace challenges. It syncs key metrics, like those collected through the HubSpot CRM, to the system, so your competitions use real-time sales data to create meaningful goals to work towards.

Not only is Hoopla great at creating competitions—between the whole company, teams, or individual employees—it’s also great at celebrating wins. In fact, competitions are tracked in real time on Raydiant-enabled screens that turn into live leaderboards. When a team or employee wins, their name and photo is shown on screen as a visual shoutout. Hoopla takes it up a notch, letting you add a fun video, song, gif, message (or all of the above) that appears as you celebrate.

Studies show that employees crave public recognition for their hard work, and Hoopla is on it! Along with office leaderboards, the Hoopla system lets you expand the party by sending an announcement via Slack and Microsoft Teams message boards. Along with a public shoutout, employees are further incentivized by the Hoopla Rewards Program, which offers real-life prizes to winners via an online marketplace controlled by you, the business owner.

HubSpot and Hoopla: A Business Power Couple

Together, HubSpot and Hoopla are a dream team for businesses looking to grow and reduce turnover. On the customer side, it has everything you need to track key insights, create personalized marketing messages, and turn prospects into clients. For our employees, it provides them with a fun new way to reach their goals, connect with co-workers, and get publicly noticed for their best work.

Tips for Running Effective Workplace Competitions

Set clear goals. Clear, actionable goals are the backbone of any good workplace competition. Before starting a competition, your employees should already be clear on what tasks are involved and what time frame you’re working in. For example, a goal to “close more deals” might be too vague, but a competition that asks them to call x number of prospects in a quarter has more chance of success.

Find out what motivates your employees. You want to incentivize your teams, so they need a reward that matters to them. To find out what motivates them, just ask. Send out an email or ask them to fill out a survey. Then make sure your rewards match their feedback—and find a way to offer different incentives to different employees, if necessary. The Hoopla Rewards Program lets you customize your online rewards marketplace with prizes you’ll employees love.

Reward good work, not just top performers. Yes, we want to retain our top performers—but we also want to give all employees the opportunity to fill that role. Hoopla competitions, for example, let you reward behaviors, not just certain employees. This keeps everyone focused on performance, turning it from a contest of favorites to a competition where anyone can rise above their past performance and be recognized for it.

Focus on creating a team. Want to improve your revenue and grow your business? First, you must create a cohesive work culture. This means developing relationships between employees, teams, and departments. Hoopla games are like party icebreakers, but better. Not only do they promote better co-worker socialization (and this includes remote workers too!), but they help people work together to achieve common goals.

Level up with HubSpot and Hoopla

Don’t split your time between improving your customer experience and your employee experience. Do both with our HubSpot integration, now available in our Raydiant app marketplace. All you need is a Hoopla by Raydiant subscription, a HubSpot subscription, and one or more Raydiant-enabled TV screens, and you’re ready to make some moves!

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