How to Improve Your Raydiant Signage with PosterMyWall

Raydiant’s partnership with PosterMyWall has allowed us to provide designer-level digital poster and video templates to our clients. The PosterMyWall app, available on the Raydiant interface, offers thousands of templates so that our customers can make professional-looking, eye-catching content for their digital signs. Here are some tips on how to maximize the effect of your digital signage using the PosterMyWall app.

Entice Customers to Buy with Dynamic Digital Posters 

Research has found that digital signage increases sales up to 33%, and that 68% of customers say they were influenced to buy something by digital signage. It’s no secret that digital signage is an effective sales tool, but how does PosterMyWall help? 

With thousands of HD and 4K poster templates to choose from, Raydiant clients can use PosterMyWall to create beautiful promotional posters from this easy-to-use app that guides you step by step. Not only does this mean you don’t have to pay a graphic designer every time you want a high-res display, but you have the power to create and display new posters any time you wish. Seasonal items, new product launches, sales and clearance events, new logo or brand messaging—create digital posters for them all!  

Increase Holiday Sales with Gorgeous Seasonal Displays 

Give your holiday promos a makeover by ditching the static displays for high-color animations and videos. Raydiant’s PosterMyWall app allows you to stay ahead of the game, giving you the ability to create holiday and seasonal displays long before they start—or even create and schedule all your displays for the entire year at once! 

Valentine’s Day dinner deals, Black Friday sales, summer giveaways—you name it, you can make an attention-getting display for it in minutes. And not only will your new displays turn heads, but studies have found that digital signage is responsible for increasing “impulse buys” by 70%

Boost Brand Awareness with Engaging Brand Videos

You only have seconds to capture customers’ attention, which is why the biggest companies are showing videos on their in-store displays. PosterMyWall makes it easy to create marketing videos that get noticed—and without having to be a designer. Browse their thousands of HD and 4K video templates to make your own, branded content to use in your store, restaurant, hotel, or business. 

With videos as part of your digital signage strategy, you get to show your product in action—from a steaming ribeye steak to the handweaving process of your homemade textiles. Bottom line: you get to tell your brand story in its best light, using pre-made video templates and the option of uploading your own content. Plus, it’s fun to design your own videos!

Increase Foot Traffic for Grand Openings and Special Events 

Get the word out about live bands, pub quiz nights, open houses, special guests, and more with a stunning digital display made with PosterMyWall. The app lets you customize your digital posters and videos as much—or as little—as you like. Select a template, fill in the text with your event information, and then you have the option to change colors and fonts, add your logo and branded images—whatever you like to make it your own. Add fun effects like animations, filters, color gradients, video backgrounds, and more. The design process is simple, straightforward, and fun, and in minutes you can create something your customers will love—and remember.

More Exciting Ways PosterMyWall Can Help Your Business

Whatever your business is, the PosterMyWall app is an effective marketing tool that drives sales by creating enticing, attention-grabbing content. Here are some specific ways that PosterMyWall can market your business:


Welcome guests with a short video highlighting your hotel’s best amenities. Showcase the hotel restaurant’s specials with a mouth-watering video. Make a promo poster for your hotel spa deals. 


Promote taco Tuesdays and thirsty Thursdays, all-day breakfasts, and Sunday brunches with digital posters. Show off images of your farm-fresh ingredients, create mouth-watering digital menu boards, and invite customers for live music nights. 


Inform customers of flash sales, holiday specials, clearance events, and new services you are offering with digital posters and videos. Extended holiday hours, loyalty programs, limited-time offers—bring attention to them all with colorful digital displays made with PosterMyWall. 


Give clients the “elevator pitch” for your business with impressive, high-res digital posters and brand videos made using PosterMyWall. Use the designer template as-is or change fonts and add your logo and branded images to make it yours. 


Catch students’ attention between classes with bold digital posters to promote your college and job fairs, pep rallies, summer camps, after-school programs, and more. 


Promote new classes, personal training packages, boot camps, and more with PosterMyWall. Show gym members and personal training clients getting into shape with short, branded videos that motivate. Grand openings for new locations, member success stories, fitness challenges—make a poster or video for each in just minutes! 


Show off your balayage, lash extensions, and threading skills by creating a promotional poster with images of your happy clients. Boost the visibility of seasonal specials, price lists, and new beauty trends you’re on top of with digital posters and videos made by you with the help of PosterMyWall’s professional designers.


Put your latest listings in the best light using high-res digital posters. Include a short video tour and listing details and see how many offers you get. What’s great about making posters and videos with PosterMyWall is that you can do it in a few minutes, and easily edit pricing and other details (like a “SOLD” sign) on the fly. 

Try Raydiant and PosterMyWall Today

As part of Raydiant’s large app library, PosterMyWall is just one of many design tools that Raydiant customers have at their disposal. With our cloud-based interface and simple, plug-and-play hardware, Raydiant promises reliable and robust digital signage that lets you create branded videos, posters, flyers, custom music playlists, live event calendars, digital menu boards, and more. Try PosterMyWall and more apps to create an unforgettable in-store experience by trying Raydiant today, risk-free.


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